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Tuesday's Trends: Louis Vuitton Foldable Furniture & Travel Collection

Louis Vuitton has been the ultimate in luxury for a long time. Have you seen those old-fashioned steamer trunks?! So it only makes sense that the legendary fashion house gathered the best of the best in international design for a fabulous travel collaboration! Remember, travelling luxuriously never goes out of style! When I travel, I love to bring little things that make a hotel room feel like my own. This collection is FULL of amazing pieces that would make anywhere feel like home to me! (Is it too late to put these on my price-upon-request wish list for Santa?) This padlock, designed by Perrine Desmons, isn’t your standard security device. This fabulous little piece doubles as a bag hanger! It’s such a handy little accessory and this is the first bag hanger I’ve seen worthy of toting around.

Bag Hanger by Perrine Desmons for Louis Vuitton

I love a bold look and colorful Origami comes to life in these stools designed by Atelier Oï. The LV attention to detail is obvious in these leather stunners that fold down completely flat. Plus, there are even handles!

Stool by Atelier Oï for Louis Vuitton

This haute gem is also by Atelier Oï. You’ve never seen a hammock as luxe as this one with Nomade leather and gold-plated details!

Hammock by Atelier Oï for Louis Vuitton

I always bring a sleep mask with me when I travel. It’s a must! This Constance Guisset-designed one is of the upmost chic variety!

Lunettes de Sommeil by Guisset for Louis Vuitton

You should always light all four corners of your room. That goes for all the corners of your travel bag, too! This genius little lamp by French designer Thierry Gaugain is the perfect tech travel companion.

O, Handbag Lamp by Thierry Gaugain for Louis Vuitton

Would any of these pieces make you feel at home while traveling? What do you bring with you when you travel? Let's start the conversation in the comment section! Images: Architectural Digest

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