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Tuesday's Trends: Decorating with Pale Pink

Hello Fabulistas! Today's post is about how pale, lady-like pink made it's way into our homes. This fab color is not only popping up in interior design mags all over the country, it's also a color that suits my can't-wait-for-spring mood perfectly! Warmer weather is right around the corner so let's get ready to decorate: here's how to spruce up your place with pale pink.

Photo Credit: I See Cubed

A pink wall is such an easy way to give your room a feminine touch while still being able to play around with (other) color. When it comes to painting your wall in a bright color, the key is to balance it out with more subdued tones. In the picture below, I love how the marigold armchair adds some warmth to the pink walls. It's such an awesome (and unexpected!) combination.

Photo Credit: Trendecoration

Nothing is more lady-like than a beautiful bedroom in pale pink. This room has a very soothing feel and reminds me of a charming home in the french country side... très belle!

Photo Credit: Absolute Ladylike

How fab is this living room? I love how the hot fuchsia, pale pink and lavender complement each other in such a calming way. The gilt mirror tops it all off, of course - you can never go wrong with an extra dose of gold!

Photo Credit: Home To Decor

I'm even more excited for spring and warmer weather after writing this post! Do you have a room (or home) that's decorated in pale pink? Which of the pictures above is your favorite? I'd love to hear from you, so leave me a comment below or tweet at me @robinbaron!

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