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Translating Trends: Mix-and-Match Wall Art

Scenario: You have a blank wall in dire need of some accenting. You have a variety of items to choose from, but you don't know what goes with what! Do you hang a mirror? Photographs from Paris? Plates of your favorite china collection? Here’s an idea...Why not use all of the above and mix-and-match your wall art! The attitude of “make a decision and stick with it” may work in some situations, but in the home, mixing things up is one of the best ways to show our personal style. To me, "go with that you love" is a no fail design rule, as doing so will help you create a space that reflects you. The walls are a perfect canvas for showing the world who you are!

To Begin...

Simplifyingfabulous.com I recommend starting with one primary centerpiece and working outwards, laying your installation out on the floor until it’s perfected and ready to be transferred to the wall. Because the line between beauty and chaos can be intimidatingly slim, start off small and then work your way up. Select artworks that have one or more of the following in common: size, subject, color, or frame. The more elements have in common, the more formal your wall collage will look. Play with the sizes--two smaller frames aligned with one large frame, for example--and consider spacing between each piece. Hanging frames three-to-six inches apart is a good rule of thumb, but it's not a hard rule. If you're looking for a higher energy look, bunch artwork a bit closer together; Space pieced further apart to create more of a gallery vibe.

And Then...

Simplifyingfabulous.com To a super-personal touch, frame a sentimental two-dimensional object like a wine label from your engagement party, a handwritten love note, or your grandmother’s recipe card for your favorite childhood treat. These personal items will not only add visual interest, but a sentimental value to the design.If you’re ready to move beyond frames, let a theme be your guide. Step back and take a look at the artwork you’re grouping – does it have a vintage feel to it? If so, hang strands of pearls or an antique china plate. Are you clustering travel photos? Add in a tribal mask or an exotically colored tile. Mirrors are another great option without extending beyond the shapes and sizes of regular frames. These 3-D pieces will add different textures and break up the geometric monotony while still having a cohesive look.


Design Files | www.simplifyingfabulous.com

I love seeing daring design that truly shows someone’s personal style. If you have the eye for placing seashells next to vinyls and baskets next to beads, then you should TOTALLY go for it! And then don't forget to send us pictures send! > Photo credits: Wall Art from Colleen Quinn/Apartment Therapy; Wall Art with Mirrors photo credit NYCLQ/Flickr; Wall Art from Design Files;

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Create equal but different visual interest on both sides of your space by playing with varying heights, weights, and quantities of your objects on opposing sides.