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Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

Hello Fabulistas! I love searching for unusual chandeliers for my clients. A chandelier is a statement piece. It can speak volumes about you, your personality and your home! A well-lit room feels happier, and a room lit by a gorgeous chandelier feels FAB! I like to find the most unique chandeliers around. Here are a few of my faves. Deer Ingo from Moooi Moooi is my go-to for anything unusual. Founded by Amsterdam-based designer Marcel Wanders, everything at Moooi is avante garde and stylish. This lamp is designed by Ron Gilad. I really love that the designer takes something we see every day, the task lamp, and creates a work of art with it. Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

from Moooi

Mercedita Chandelier from Anthropologie

Anthropologie is another one of my fave shops. The store is curated to contain pieces with a vintage-y look. The pieces scream with character, especially this chandelier! This lamp was inspired by artisans in Ecuador who use tagua nuts in many of their designs. The Mercedita is made of tagua nuts and metal, and the colors shimmer when lit.

Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

from Anthropologie

Atlantis Suspension Light

I've admired the Atlantis Suspension Light for a long time. The draped chain shimmers under the light of this chandelier. It reminds me of a runway look I might see during Fashion Week. It's so well sculpted, I'm totally in love!

Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

from YLighting

Coco Bead Chandelier

I admire designers that create pieces purely from vision! Designer Laura Liess created this one of a kind piece for a client's living room. This piece is environmentally friendly, using coconut beads and shells as the structure. Even when it's not lit it's stunning, don't you think?

Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

from Laura Liess

Found Objects Chandeliers

I'm most impressed with artists who create pieces from found objects. It's really difficult to do! Stuart Haygarth is one of my favorite lighting designers. He's able to visualize what every day pieces would look like in several different forms. In this case, he created a light fixture using nail polish bottles. From afar, you wouldn't even know what the piece was made of! It's stunning!

Top Picks: Unusual Chandeliers

from Stuart Haygarth

Unusual pieces are all around us, we just have to keep our eyes open and think outside the box! Since chandeliers have a huge impact on spaces, why not pick out the most unusual and unique ones? Which of these is your fave?

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