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Your Tips on Styling Hardware

Dear Fabulistas, 

As we approach Valentine’s Day, aka the holiday of love, I am so excited to talk about one of the things I love most as a designer, and the newest category to launch on my site: hardware

Like jewelry for the home, finding the perfect hardware can really add that extra “oomph” to a room that makes all the difference. Just like how a necklace or pair of earrings can make or break an outfit, the right piece of hardware can make a statement, which is why it deserves to be selected carefully. 

Today, I’m sharing some insider tips and tricks that may help you when deciding on hardware for your space. Whether you are doing a small home improvement project, or pulling out all the stops for a total makeover, these tips will guide you through the process.

1. Scan your room for existing pieces to spruce up

Changing up the hardware on certain furniture can make a dramatic difference. If you are looking for an easy way to dress up your room without replacing anything, take a closer look at the existing furniture. Is there a nightstand, dresser, cabinet or console that you don’t love? Just changing out the hardware can transform the entire look of the piece, turning it into a fashion statement. Take a look at this dresser below that has been completely elevated by replacing the existing handles with Robin Baron Signature Collection hardware.


Hardware Nightstand BeforeHardware Image After

2. Take measurements

If you are replacing old hardware, be sure to measure the spread of the screws in the back of the cabinet drawer or door so you have the right dimensions and cover the old screw holes. The exception to this is if there is a backplate on the new hardware. You can often add a backplate to new pulls, which would cover the original holes on your furniture and add another aspect to your fresh, new look.


3. Size and functionality matter


Where is the hardware being installed? Is it going on a drawer or a door, kitchen cabinet, or dresser? Wherever it is, make sure to measure the height and width of the surface, as well as consider how the hardware is meant to function. Bold hardware makes a statement, but it’s important that it fits the height of where it is going. I love to use larger-sized pulls that fill the space— you just have to make sure it fits. From a functionality standpoint, if your hardware is going on a wide or deep drawer (like a pot drawer or a lateral file), make sure the weight is balanced when you open it by using a longer than average pull. 


Play around with mixing metals.



There’s no need to shy away from mixing metal finishes like gold, silver, and copper tones. It often allows you to create a more interesting look in a room— especially in kitchens where you probably already have some stainless steel in your hood, range or appliances. There are many opportunities for hardware to shine in the kitchen:  from cabinets to pantries— find the right hardware to add some flavor and flair to your kitchen. That said, mixing metal finishes is not only for your kitchen, it works in any room. Think of your hardware as adorning and complementing the furniture or cabinets you are installing them on and the rest will fall in place.


Be Bold.


Blue chest against dark background

Take a chance with big and bold hardware — I find that it’s these standout pieces that take a look from drab to fab! Think of it as jewelry, and put as much thought into your hardware selection as you do in getting dressed. There’s no reason for your space to ever be boring. Seize the opportunity to express yourself with your hardware... you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes!

Hardware is just as personal and important as the other design decisions you make in your home. This week, I launched a fabulous selection of cabinet hardware on RobinBaronDesign.com. Discover new and interesting hardware for your home by clicking here. 

Let’s start thinking about hardware in a whole new light.

Happy hardware hunting!



Feb 18, 2021

So many great tips! I find the one about “measuring the spread of the screws in the back of the cabinet drawer or door so you have the right dimensions and cover the old screw holes” seems like common sense, however many forget about how important it is (unless there is a plate to cover up the holes).

Sheri Bruneau
Feb 18, 2021

Wow! These are some extraordinary hardware selections. So artful and beautiful.

Lisa A Peck
Feb 18, 2021

Gorgeous hardware options, Robin! Such a simple way to elevate a piece form ordinary to extraordinary!

Janet Lorusso
Feb 18, 2021

Beautiful hardware. Did you say this is your line? Where can we purchase them?

And, I agree with all of your comments. Well said

Robin Fisher
Feb 18, 2021

What terrific tips these are! I’ve got some hardware to replace and now I’m inspired to go BIG. And your hardware collection is spectacular – well done Robin.

Feb 18, 2021

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