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Through My Eyes: Ways to Help in the Wake of Sandy

Via: gramfeed.com
What a week we've had...in the wake of Hurricane Sandy’s devastating wrath, I try to see things positively. New York City has once again proven that it inhabits the most genuine, warm-hearted, and caring people in the world! This is why I love New York so much - it’s so much more than sublime design and extravagant fashion…it’s about the people! In times of need, we New Yorkers stick together (as you can see in this amazing post!). Whether it’s the shop owners that set up power strips outside stores so people can charge their cell phones, the next-door neighbor that shares what he has with those in need, or friends taking in other friends if they are without power…people all over Manhattan bond in wake of the tragedy! My friend, accountability partner, and fellow WPO member, Cozy of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids, supports Hurricane victims with this message. I feel that we should all help as much as we can, and the American Red Cross has more than one simple way to get active and donate to those affected by Sandy. There are so many ways to give back, and I’d love for you to get involved! For now, I hope that you are all safe and are finally getting back to a sense of normalcy! If you’d like to share how you were able to weather the storm, please leave me a comment, or share over Twitter and Facebook! Together, we will rebuild what Sandy has destroyed…physically and emotionally! Let’s start the process today!

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