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Through My Eyes: Recap of My TV Show Appearance on Better Connecticut

Hello Fabulistas! I’m so excited to have appeared on another TV show. This talk show segment for the show Better Connecticut was all about how to accessorize your home. Accessories are the best, most affordable way to add your personality and create excitement in your home. I was able to take their set and show how accessories can make a dramatic change. Watch my segment here. After:




Here are some of my quick tips on how to accessorize your home:
  • Layering is always the key for more interesting design. So layer your accessories, playing with height, texture, and color in each vignette.
  • Look for balance, not symmetry. Symmetry can be static. Balance can be dynamic. Instead of putting one of something on each side of a fireplace, put two on one side and one on the other. Play with odd numbers in a series or collection of things.
  • Be bold! Take a risk! There are great, affordable accessories out in the market today. So let yourself go and have some fun while making your selections. One dramatic piece can set the tone for the room. Step out of your box and make it your own!


Accessories are all you need to step out of your box and make it your own. Watch my Better Connecticut segment to get more savvy info on accessorizing!

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