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Through My Eyes: Making Small Spaces Count

Hello Fabulistas! It can be tough to work with small spaces. But you shouldn't let them intimidate you! You just have to approach them like chic challenges. Small spaces can be special design opportunities. Here are some ways that I get the most out of small spaces. Alcoves as Storage Opps Leave no niche unfilled! Lots of houses and apartments have odd corners and alcoves that seem too small to put to use. Wrong! You can always push a bench or cabinet in a niche to make it feel special, like you designed it that way. This well-dressed alcove makes for a special little area prime for beautiful displays.


from Southern Hospitality

Shelf Art

Don't forget that your walls are your best storage weapons! In this small kitchen, open shelving allows for decorative dishware that picks up on other decorative elements like the chandelier. Even thought this space is small, there are lots of stylish details, like a stuffed peacock on top of the fridge and elaborate wood backsplash sections.


from Country Living

Multi-Use Surfaces

When decorating smaller spaces, I always think about multiple ways I can use each and every object. Every piece counts! There are fabulous ways to get more uses out of one piece, like using this ottoman as a sort of mud room area by the entry AND book storage. Sometimes the savviest ideas are the simplest, staring you in the face!


Colette Conway's home tour from The EveryGirl

No Needless Furniture

There are smart ways to fit in what you need in a space, but you don't want to crowd a space, either. Not being able to move is a great rule of thumb, but it isn't always so simple. If you find that an end table is there for just decoration, take it out and use the extra room for a useful piece or empty space for your eye to rest.


from Domino

Salon Wall Opps

There's always an opportunity to adorn your walls, even in the smallest of spaces! If you have a blank wall, use it! This salon wall works with, not around, the pipe on the wall. The chandelier and photo frames pick up the silver for a space that looks adorned.


from Pinterest

Adorned Walls

There's no fun in limiting walls in a small space to just salon walls. You can do so much more! Even in a rental apartment, you can use wall decals or other forms of wall decor that's not just photos or wall art.


from Refinery29

Sneaky Seating

You may notice the chairs on the wallpaper before the lucite seats below in this image. It's important to tuck in seating where you can when it still makes sense design-wise. Here, these stools are out of the way but at the ready for entertaining. Remember, versatile seating means more room for entertaining!


from HGTV

Think Overhead

So many small spaces may have a small footprint, but have major vertical advantage. This converted warehouse space makes good use of overhead space for bike storage and more. I've also seen this trick with chairs. Just think about what you need to store inside, but don't use often inside.


from Apartment Therapy

Area-Defining Rugs

Decorating open-plan and small spaces means using decor to signal designated areas. This colorful rug keeps the focus on this prep space area of the kitchen. You look at this image and know that this space is meant for work, not entertaining. I love bold, patterned rugs. They're one of the best decorating tools you can use in a small space!


from Refinery29

Do you use any more tricks for making the most of small spaces? I'd love to see your tricks at work!

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