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Through My Eyes: Calming Outdoor Rooms

Hello Fabulistas! Sometimes it can be tough to find a peaceful oasis, no matter if you live in the city like me or in a small town. During warm weather I look toward outdoor rooms to help with my inner calm. This is a trick that works for clients and friends, too. There's something soothing about being in nature with the amenities of normal rooms, like comfy seating. Here are some of my personal highlights for outdoor rooms.

headfrom Jamie Durie

Open air

Many outdoor rooms are under pergolas or other structures. However, there's something glamorous to be said about outdoor rooms that are just under the trees. I love how light fixtures are hung from branches in this patio area. It creates the feeling that this outdoor room was always meant to be.


from 1 Kin Design

Fun design

Maybe your indoor decorating style is formal and you'd like to let loose. An outdoor room is meant for entertaining and enjoyment, so play with colors, live edge tables, accessories and more for added fun. Don't make the mistake that relaxing has to be neutral. Colorful accents can put you at ease!


from Pinterest

Relaxing privacy

Seclusion is always a goal when scouting out the location of a future outdoor room. Getting away from busy activity and noise will help put you at ease in your new sanctuary. It's amazing how much of a difference a wall or privacy hedge can do to make you feel separated from the rest of the world.


from Pinterest

Cozy furnishings

A well-executed room will help you feel at home and want you to linger. Sparse furnishings and hard seating will do nothing for your outdoor relaxation goals. Benches, poufs, and large pillows on an outdoor area rug or other surface make you want to cozy up in the outdoors.


from 1 Kin Design

Do you have any outdoor rooms? What are your essentials for creating a relaxing outdoor area? Please share your ideas in the comments below!

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