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The Fabulous Forties

http://youtu.be/9pgDDM4INco It’s the fashion of the forties that sends me, and the interiors fall closely behind. The forties are my favorite period. There’s something about the clothing…I love the shoulder pads, I love the glamour, I love how everything is so coordinated. There’s something so fabulously charming about the forties in every way. I have a big collection of vintage clothing, specifically from the forties. Whether it’s a jacket, a suit, an evening dress, or a peignoir set, there’s an elegance and a glam feeling about it all that I love, and it translates into how I feel about home décor and home design for the 40s. I love Dorothy Draper. It’s the drama, it’s the glamour, it’s the unexpected twists of accessories and details, just like in the clothing. Here are some of my all-time favorite Dorothy Draper examples.

I absolutely love these modern adaptations of Dorothy's signature style.

The forties live on!

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