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Strut Your Studs!

When I think about studs, the first word that comes to mind is…edgy. Edgy as in glamorous with a touch of rock n’ roll – the perfect combination, if you ask me.

As many of you may know, I began my career in fashion and I’m constantly seeing evidence of fashion and home décor trends overlapping. A perfect example right now? Studs!
Studded bowls at Global Table
To say that I am studs obsessed would really not be an exaggeration. They appear on my favorite jewelry pieces and accessories, and there’s a Chanel studded boot that I’ve been eyeing for weeks. I think my future memoirs will have a studded binding. (Or maybe leopard print…or maybe metallic gold. Or…okay, I’m getting ahead of myself.) But seriously, let’s take a walk through my closet, shall we?
My fave studded shoes
My studded bag
My studded clutch
Just a few of my studded belts
Over the past decades, studs have been an essential element in fashion…and it’s only recently that the world of home décor has scooped up the trend. Why? Because they can work in so many different décor styles. They can go full-out rock n’ roll, or they can pair with high-end chic. They can be bold, or subdued. When it comes to my favorite stud pieces, it’s hard for me to choose. But since I’d LOVE to see some of you incorporate studs into your décor, I’ve rounded up some fab photos of studded pieces to inspire you. Let them add a touch of glam to your existing style! A studded velvet sofa intensifies a living room setting and adds a hint of unexpected.
Photo Credit: Madeline Stuart

The thing I love most about the studded trend, though, is that small accents, like a silver metal pillow, chic end table, or edgy cocktail tray, enhance any room’s drama instantly!

Photo Credit: Arhaus
Photo Credit: Home Design Accessories
Photo Credit: Z Gallerie
They have just enough glam to shine by themselves but are versatile enough to be combined with an already existing theme (the tribal trend would be a risky, yet fierce combination here!). I could talk about studs all day! For now, though, I want YOU to go find a fab studded décor item. Even better, share it with me! Post it on my Facebook wall, or tweet @robinbaron. Stay fabulous!

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