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Sparkle, Please! DIY Holiday Decorations

Hello Fabulistas! It's that time of the year again... which means a chance to add a whole other layer of glamour in your home with holiday decorations. If it's a wreath, special ornament, or other accent, these DIY holiday decorations will let you have fun and make a bold statement. Here are a few decor ideas that are on my holiday to-do list. Glitter Ornament Whether you place it on a string of garland, in a centerpiece, or on a tree, a classic ornament with a glittery spin feels extra special and festive! Last year on my HGTV Celebrity Holiday Homes special, I showed Tiki Barber how to make these beautiful ornaments for his home.


from HGTV



  • Clear glass ball ornaments
  • Glitter (loose)
  • Pledge Floor Finish with Future Shine (with blue cap)
  • Funnel for glitter
  • Funnel for floor wax
Directions: 1. Remove metal caps. 2. Use funnel and pour approximately 1 tbsp floor finish into the glass ornament. Make sure to pour against side to avoid bubbles. 3. Swirl floor finish around inside the ornament to cover all inside surface area. 4. Pour excess floor finish back into bottle. Twist ornament when pouring out to cover the neck of the ornament. 5. Use funnel to pour a generous amount of glitter into ornament. 6. Twist ornament around again. Glitter should cover all inside surface areas. 7. Gently shake to cover any missed spots. 8. Pour excess glitter back into bottle. 9. Wait approximately 10-15 minutes before placing caps back onto ornaments. For step-by-step photos, see more details on HGTV. No-Sew Gold and Burlap Table Runner Not a big sewer? Neither am I! I'd prefer to spend time with my loved ones or hunt down the city's best hot chocolate instead. So I love this quick, no-sew idea for a table runner from Inspired by Charm. Burlap is such a popular crafting fabric now, that you can find glammed-up versions of it like this one at your local craft or fabric store. What a chic little table runner to get you through the holiday season!

charmfrom Inspired by Charm

Glitter Pinecones These bright, happy pinecones from The Homes I Have Made would be at home nestled in a centerpiece or in your favorite glass container as part of a table vignette. Hate glitter? Opt for less-messy gilded pinecones instead!


from The Homes I Have Made

Sparkly Nutcracker Overhaul Nutcrackers are a mainstay in Christmas decorating. An easy way to give an old one a glam makeover is with a generous coat of rose gold glitter. It's fashion-forward and perfect for the holidays. All DIY holiday decorations aren’t this easy, but they should be!


from Decor and the Dog

Cinnamon Stick Candle Pillars One of the scents that remind me of the holiday season is cinnamon. It makes me feel warm, cozy, and a little spicy, too! Cinnamon sticks are great for a number of reasons... one is that you can DIY holiday decorations in a mere few minutes with unscented white pillar candles and rustic twine. Spread these out in a table vignette for a romantic touch to a plain tablescape. It's quick, easy, and fabulous!


from BuzzFeed Life

Holiday Floating Candles Some of the season's most beautiful DIY holiday decorations are made with natural elements. Simple canning jars, sprigs of rosemary, and fresh cranberries combine for festive floating candles that won't compete with the occasion's true entertainment... your guests!


from bell'alimento

Go forth and craft with these quick and easy DIY holiday decorations! You'll have fab decor that's perfect for the season... and time left over to enjoy any seasonal celebrations!

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