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Six Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas

This time of year is full of ghoulish gimmicks, and I'm not talking about the tricks in trick or treating. Traditionally, Halloween décor is chock full of blood, guts, and gore, which may be fun for a kids party, but isn't exactly aesthetically pleasing. For some frightfully fun Halloween decorating ideas, we turned to some of our favorite entertaining experts and stylists, Coryanne Ettiene of Housewife Bliss, Lifestyle and entertaining expert Liza Utter and Dawn Sandomeno of The Party BluPrints Blog. They offered up six fun ways to decorate this Halloween. Mix and match: “My communal areas feature a combination of natural fall decorations, accented with this seasons freshest glam Halloween ornaments,” says Coryanne Ettiene. She suggests mixing items such as apple votives, autumn leaves and glittered crows to give your home the feel of Halloween without sticking to the traditional theme of ghosts, bats, and goblins. Simplify the Jack-o-Lanterns: To add some visual interest to a tabletop, Liza Utter suggests a less-traditional 'pumpkinscape.' “I like to use various sized pumpkins placed down the center of my table in clusters - three large, four medium and seven small. Carve three or four in a simple geometrical design like triangles, stars, circles and place candles inside." Incorporate Autumnal Colors: Bring in deep orange, rust, or brown for your table cloth, napkins. “Use black sparingly,” Liza suggests. “As it dominates and can make the room appear heavy.” Ditch the Black and Orange: “A black and bling combo adds a little glam and gives off a completely different vibe than the traditional black and orange,” says Dawn Sandomeno of The Party BluPrints Blog. Search your home for black items (or pick some up at the store). Once you have your black base, simply add a few glittery items into the mix. “This style works with any decor backdrop,” says Dawn. Incorporate Organic Elements: “Use foliage and branches in containers to create the feel of a forest inside,” suggests Liza. “Use non dyed burlap as a tabletop overlay and rope as napkin rings for a rustic feel.” Shop At Home: I always tell my clients to start by shopping at home. Take a look at what you have around your house and dress it up. “Save your wine bottles and paint them in matte and glossy black spray paint,” says Liza. “Stick black candlesticks in them and place them around your dining room or table in clusters for a seasonal statement. Nothing creates instant ambiance like candles, and you can never have too many!” she exclaims. “Candlelight casts a glow on your room and picks up the magic in your design.”

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Neutral is only neutral in relationship to the rest of the space. Whether it’s a color, pattern or style, everything is affected by what is surrounding it