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Simplifying Work: How to Organize Your Desk

Hello Fabulistas! Are you ready to kick off your week? I've been thinking a lot about reorganizing. Summer is a bit slow, people are relaxing, there isn't a lot of pressure. This is a great time to get organized! I'm starting with my desk, which is the first thing to get messy. I've found a few quick tricks to organize my desk. Clear it off completely

Yes, take everything off of your desk. I know it sounds scary. The only way to really reorganize is to start from scratch. While you're clearing your desk, if you find unimportant notes or memos, toss them. If you have multiples of an item, pare down. You don't really need 40 pens. It will make the process MUCH easier. How to organize your desk

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Consolidate items I like to put everything in a folder. It works for me. But sometimes, things build up over time. After a while you have 20 folders with one piece of paper in each! Figure out what you have on your desk that can be consolidated. If four pieces of paper are similar, put them in one folder. You can put all pens, pencils and erasers into one container. You get the idea. What can you group together? How to organize your desk

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Figure out how you work Figuring out how you work is the most important part of this process. It's also the most difficult. What do you do every day? What can you add, (or take away), from your desk to help with the process? Earlier I mentioned that I put everything in a folder. For me, having a bin for folders is also helpful. What will help you? How to organize your desk

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Invest in storage You can't keep everything on your desktop at all times. Once you've figured out how you work, you'll know what you can put away. You'll still need to be able to access things things quickly and easily. I suggest investing in a storage system that works for you. For me, a filing cabinet or file boxes work best to hold folders. Do you like binders? How about a bookcase to hold those binders? How to organize your desk

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Maintain your space If you don't maintain your organizational system, it will fail, quickly! Trust me, I know. When I get busy, I assume reorganizing can wait until later. Plan a time once a day or once a week to clean up your desk. I review everything on my desk Fridays before I begin my weekend. It helps me make sure I've done everything I need to do, prepare for next week and reorganize my desk. When I start work on Monday, I'm ready to go! How to organize your desk

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Are you inspired to reorganize your desk? What tips and tricks do you swear by? How often do you clean up your desk?

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