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Simplifying NYC: Top Picks for Iced Coffee

Hello Fabulistas! Now that Labor Day has passed, the gorgeous hot weather will be ending soon, too. I'm a huge fan of iced coffee and a little sad that iced coffee season is on its way out! I'm doing my best to enjoy as much iced coffee as possible before it's time for spiced lattes again. Here are my top picks for iced coffee here in New York City. Birch Coffee Birch is one of my faves! I was a little wary at first. I wasn't sure I should indulge in a large jug of black iced coffee but I was hooked as soon as I tasted it. You can pick some up at one of the three locations, or order online. Top picks for iced coffee in NYC

from Birch Coffee

Brooklyn Roasting Company When I'm in Brooklyn, I always make a stop at Brooklyn Roasting Company. This delicious beverage is made of maple infused coffee, maple syrup, espresso and whole milk. It's like a little dessert in a cup. It's especially great after a tough day! Top picks for iced coffee in NYC

from Brooklyn Roasting Company

Eataly I was at Eataly this past weekend. I stopped in JUST for a quick espresso. When I have a chance to enjoy an espresso moment at Eataly I really do feel as though I'm in Italy. If you've tasted their coffee you know exactly what I mean. Not an espresso person? Don't worry, they have every delicious coffee treat you can think of. There's something for everyone.

Top picks for iced coffee in NYC

from The Second Lunch

Blue Bottle Blue Bottle has been my go-to iced coffee all summer, and I'm enjoying as much of it as possible before I have to make the switch. Blue Bottle has two iced coffee options, one of which is the New Orleans. The beans are cut with chicory and sweetened with cane sugar, and at the first sip you taste the intense flavor! Top picks for iced coffee in NYC

from Blue Bottle

Caffe Reggio Caffe Reggio is a staple. It's located in Greenwich Village and so easy to get to when I'm in a coffee craze. The Granita di Caffe is one of my faves, because it's more than just iced coffee. It's heaven in a glass! It's actually Italian coffee slush with whipped cream on top. Amazing! Top picks for iced coffee in NYC

from Caffe Reggio

So, just a few weeks left! Which iced coffees are on your list? I'm not sure where I should start, I have a lot to taste!

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