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Simplifying Delicious: Top Picks for Toasty Winter Cocktails

Hello Fabulistas! Relaxing with a toasty winter cocktail is high on my list right now. I've worked hard on my HGTV holiday decorating special and I can't wait to share it with you tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST. So why not enjoy it with one of these fab drinks? Here are my favorite toasty wintery cocktails that will pair wonderfully with tomorow night's special! Rum & Cinnamon Cider Cider is the ultimate winter beverage. A toasty rum cider is the perfect way to celebrate this holiday season. The cinnamon surprise will make your guests swoon! robin1

from Amoretti

Mulled Pineapple Cocktail Do you love mulled cocktails as much as I do? When it's cold outside all I want is something hot, and mulled drinks are the way to go. They are fruity and tasty, with just enough of a kick to warm you up. robin2

from Honest Cooking

Holly & Ivy I often like to match my drinks to my decor. Colorful drinks go great with a colorful tree! Since I'll be decorating my tree with red tinsel, I'll be matching it with this Holly & Ivy cocktail. The rosemary sprig is a fabulous final touch. robin3

from InStyle

Pear Tree The name Pear Tree sounds very festive, doesn't it? This rich cocktail tastes a bit like dessert. The mix of St. Germaine and Angostura bitters is something all guests will love! robin4

from InStyle

Apple Pie Margarita I love a warm apple pie this time of year. What could be better to treat your guests with than a delicious apple pie margarita? The graham cracker crumbs are a beautiful addition! robin5

from In Style

I'm so excited to host exquisite parties this holiday season! Which cocktails will you be trying? Remember, any of these will pair nicely with my HGTV special tomorrow night at 8 p.m. EST! Tweet along with me while you watch @RobinBaron!

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