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Simplifying Delicious: Top Picks for Fruity Lemonades

Hello Fabulistas! It's hot out there! I find the best way to beat the heat is to relax with a nice chilled beverage. Right now, I'm obsessed with lemonades. Regular lemon-y lemonades get boring, so I've started mixing it up with fruity lemonades. Still iced and refreshing to survive this hot weather, and fruity and summery too! Here are my faves. Pomegranate Lemonade Spritzer I love adding pomegranates to my meals and drinks because they have so many antioxidants! The pomegranate adds sweetness to this lemonade and the sparkling water gives it a little fizz, which is what you need during the summer.

from Babble

Passion Fruit Lemonade Passion fruit is a luxury! It's not the easiest fruit to find here in New York, so when I see a passion fruit drink or dessert I always order it. This recipe calls for passion fruit concentrate, which makes it easy to create yearround.

from Always Order Dessert

Fruity Lemonade Multiple types of fruit mixed together give this lemonade a complex, delicious flavor! I love the pairing of mango and honey dew together. The lemons add a bit of tartness, which balances the flavor. It's a party favorite of mine! Simplifying delicious: fruity lemonades

from My Whole Food Life

Strawberry Lemonade Strawberry lemonade is a classic. I think it was the first fruity lemonade I ever tried, and it blew me away. It's very easy to make and will not disappoint Strawberries are in season right now, so you'll be able to make this easily!

from Woman's Day

Watermelon Lemonade I LOVE watermelons. They are so refreshing and since they are so watery, they are relatively low in calories! Since this beverage is made with crushed ice, it's more of a slushy, which is nice during the summer months! Simplifying delicious: fruity lemonades

from Babble

There are so many combinations of fruits you can use to make your fruity lemonade. Mix any fruit with a typical lemonade recipe and you're all set. What's your favorite fruity lemonade right now?

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