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Simplifying Delicious: Top Picks for Alternative Holiday Pie Recipes

Hello Fabulistas! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is in just a few weeks? I love the holiday season because It's a great time for friends and family to get gather! I make a pumpkin pie every Thanksgiving, but this year I'm going to mix it up. I want to surprise my family, so I've put together a few alternative holiday pie recipes I'll be making in the next two months. Apple pie This may seem obvious, but I had to mention it. It's a FAB alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie this holiday season. The best part is the crunchy topping, so I make sure I put on a thick layer of crunch! robin1

from The Pioneer Woman

Sweet potato buttermilk pie

Sweet potato is a Thanksgiving staple in my home. In addition to eating it as a side dish this year, I may have it for dessert, as well. Sweet potato pie will have the same consistency as pumpkin pie but will have a sweet and savory taste.


from Smitten Kitchen

Chocolate Truffle Tart

No one expects chocolate for dessert during Thanksgiving, but no one will complain either! This chocolate truffle tart is one of my faves. Not only is it delish but it's also so pretty - which is great for Instagram!


from Orangette

Peanut butter pie

My family adores peanut butter. We eat it for breakfast often, and for dessert, too! This recipe is a little unexpected, as it has a splash of cayenne in it. It's not overwhelming, but adds a lot to the flavor.


from Home Sick Texan

Easy Jam Tart

I love David Lebovitz! His recipes are delish and his blog is a joy to read. When I came across this recipe for easy jam tart I had to try it. David really does make it look easy to put together, which I love. Anything quick and easy is perfect for me!


from David Lebovitz

What are you making this holiday season? Will you be trying out any of these alternative pie recipes? Which is your fave?

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