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Seasonal Heat: How to Style Your Fireplace for Summer

Hello Fabulistas! The last thing on your mind right now may be what to do with your fireplace. It's such an important focal point for a room, even if it's sweltering outside! So don't neglect this chic decorating opp while you try to keep your house cool. It's time to create some (decorating) heat in the fireplace for warm months!

Leaning Art

Masking an ugly (or out-of-use) firebox has never looked so casual chic! A piece of art that's roughly half the width of the fireplace rests easily against the surround with a stack of design magazines keeping it in place. Art doesn't have to hang above the mantel, or even on the walls. You can adorn the fireplace in this surprising way, too.


from Glitter Guide

Hefty Logs A trio of generously sized logs makes a fabulous off-season alternative to stacked logs in a firebox. Coats of paint add visual interest and transform the wood into sculptural pieces. This would make a cool look in a beach house out east!


from Nesting Place

Graphic Fireplace Screen

This colorful DIY for a geometric folding screen keeps all eyes on this room's focal point, even when the logs aren't burning. I love how the triangles play against the arched fireplace opening for even more design interest!


from Better Homes and Gardens

Statue With Presence

So many times we fall in love with a piece and then decide where to put it in our homes. An empty fireplace is a snug little place for a statue or pieces of sculpture to rest. It's like a neat little niche built just for gallery viewing!


from Butter Lutz Interiors

Reflect a View

I've talked about the light-harnessing power of mirrors before and the fireplace is another great way to do that. Sure, a mirror across from a lit fireplace helps reflect the light of a fire, but a mirror set inside of a fireplace bumps out the space of a room is such a chic way!


from Raising Miss Matilda

Glam Fan

This fireplace has some major presence in this Brooklyn home. There are multiple interesting areas, but let's zero in on the obscured out-of-season firebox. A glamorous peacock keeps it out of sight and holds our attention. What an elegant alternative to the normal fireplace screen!


from Design Sponge

Temporary Book Storage

This French fireplace serves as well-framed summer book storage. Who says you only read by a crackling fire?


from Pinterest

How do you style your empty fire box (and the rest of your fireplace area) during warm weather? Did I miss your clever idea? If so, please share it in the comments section below!

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