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Put Some Spring in Your Style

Hey There Fabulistas!

As I walked through Central Park last week I noticed the first hints of green peeking through the chilly ground. Finally, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Spring! For me, Spring is about joy, fresh beginnings, planting seeds for the future, and reconnecting with ourselves. It just so happens to be my favorite time of year to refresh and revamp my home—to add fresh touches of style that enhance my existing space.

Spring is a fabulous time in general to refresh and Discover Your Style, and with such an abundance of styles and themes available, discovering the vibes that speak to you can be especially empowering. It grounds you, it instills a sense of confidence in your home, and it helps you respond to the world around you. Whether you’re drawn to the raw materials of an Urban Industrial look, or the warmth and rustic touches of a Country French cottage, having a sense of your own taste will guide you towards the best choices for your home.

I think that accessories and smaller objects are a great way to refresh a space and enhance a personal style. Sometimes the small touches have the biggest impact! You can use accessories to combine elements from different design traditions to create a home that’s uniquely yours. If your home leans mid-century and you also love a rustic touch, consider incorporating a few pillows or ceramics that offer a bit of that raw twist. When you’re connected to your own personal aesthetic, you find the tools and confidence to create a home that’s uniquely yours.

Take a look at some of today’s most popular styles below. I’ve even selected some fabulous accessories that will make a Spring revamp a walk in the park. Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding small enhancements to an established aesthetic, take a risk, be creative and shine. When you Discover Your Style, you discover yourself!


A traditional home pays homage to grand and warm European design. There’s a sense of stability through rich and dark woods, an attention to architectural symmetry, and an element of historic comfort through generous fabrics and tufted upholstery. Antiques and pieces with a story generally fill a traditional home, and you’ll often find mixed patterns and prints. Of course, a traditional home doesn’t have to be so serious! Traditional homes can just as easily lean into something that’s casual and comfortable. A sense of timeless elegance is the key for what a traditional home evokes.

 Yellow Meadow Pillow, front view Lautrec Table Lamp, front view

Robin Says: “I love including antiques as a design element! Whether you choose to layer them with other vintage pieces, or include them in spaces with more modern finishes, you’re sure to create a gorgeous vignette with a hint of tradition.”


A transitional home is just that—a space that bridges a classic and traditional sense of style with more contemporary touches. A transitional home will often emphasize clean lines and textures over decorated patterns and architectural motifs. You’ll see a more neutral color palette and an elevation of natural light with the addition of carefully curated vintage or antique pieces. The best part of a transitional home is that you get to choose where the transition lies. If you love stately and historic art or have a gorgeous piece of antique furniture, bring those elements into a space with clean-lined silhouettes and neutral fabrics to emphasize both modern and historic design traditions. Or you can begin with a sleek and modern canvas and invoke a sense of eclectic transition using sparks of tradition. I love using heirloom books or ceramics, antique lamps and one-of-a-kind finds to create this kind of ambiance.

  Winvian Table Lamp, front view

Robin Says: “I think the Transitional style lies in the details. A lamp with a bit of color or a decorative ceramic accent with some glamor can catch the eye and be the bridge between two styles.”


A modern home is deliberate and free of excess. These spaces often have strong yet clean lines, an elemental and monochromatic color palette, a sense of crispness and an intentional selection of accessories. Beautifully designed modern spaces are warm yet subdued, helping you focus on the present. You can, of course, combine the neutrality and utility of a modern home with bold splashes of color or large statement pieces with softer lines to emphasize and balance the elements in the space.


Robin Says: “Modern accessories can be dynamic because they tend to be focal points. Add a touch of modernity by choosing pieces with strength and movement.”


This distinct style has roots in grand and industrial spaces—old warehouses, urban factories and lofts. You’ll often find elements of exposed wood and metalwork, architectural motifs that speak to the history of the building, reclaimed pieces of wrought-iron, exposed brick and mechanical elements, and floor-plans that are open. You can play around with textures, raw materials and color to really make this style your own!

Antique Bronze Neuf Floor Taper Holder, angled view Antique Brass Dianthus Table Lamp, front view


Robin Says: “When thinking about the Urban Industrial Style I like to pay attention to architecture and keep things urban and unexpected. Think about accessories with raw and industrial elements to add a bit of this style into your Spring refresh.”


Elegant, refined yet rustic, the modern farmhouse aesthetic embodies an eclectic mix of comfortable and homey textures, patterns, organic materials and the chic cleanliness of a modern home. This style is casual yet refined, warm yet fresh. Pair oversized seating and welcoming patterns with straight edges and sleek finishes. 


Robin Says: “I just adore accessories with a splash of color and texture when I’m working in a modern farmhouse style. Even unexpected fabrics like denim can add a touch of surprise when included in your decor.


The country French home is a warm and welcoming space, one filled with painted wood finishes, charming and joyful patterns, and a connection to the organic through fabric and fresh flowers. Think linens, rustic accessories, carved wooden furniture, and bright, country colors—soft yellows, reds and blues. The country French style is undeniably inviting and happy, abundant and lively. 



Robin Says: “Refined rustic and playful accessories are the fastest way to invite an element of country French sophistication into your home.”


A vibe with a getaway feel, a coastal beach style incorporates the elements of comfort, warmth and easy living. You’ll find comfortable furniture, natural light, white-washed organic elements, and many fresh plants. Natural textures like wicker and linen add a particularly elegant touch, as do accessories that nod towards nature and the sea—shells, driftwood and coral. 


Robin Says: “Use accessories in the colors of sand and sea to really capture the refreshing vibe of a coastal beach oasis!”


For those who seek a sense of peace in their homes, a zen style could be up your alley! Inspired by the East, a zen space is often clean and light with neutral colors and gentle textures. Perhaps you’ll include meaningful accessories with an Asian twist, subdued furnishings, and calming elements like candles and green plants. Comfort, serenity and tranquility are at the core of zen. 

Jasmine Table Lamp, front view



Robin Says: “Tranquility, balance and subtlety. Consider accessories with these feelings to introduce a sense of zen into your space.”


The mid-century modern aesthetic has made quite the comeback in recent years, and with good reason! Inspired by the organic minimalism of the mid-twentieth century, this style pairs clean lines and accented woods with bold, solid prints and organic elements. A hint of sleek minimalism with a bold graphic edge. Accessories in the mid-century space are thoughtfully chosen—mix modern-day pieces with vintage finds! 

Vintage Mid-Century Candle stick Set, front view Orange Swatch Pillow, front view 

Robin Says: “Gravitate towards accessories that mix bold and neutral in your mid-century home! Pillows and edgy accessories with a sense of unique purpose can really refresh a mid-century home.”


For a gracious bohemian chic design, focus on layering natural elements —wood, woven fabrics, organic ornaments, lush textiles and exotic prints. Boho doesn’t shy away from color. Think artsy and hand-made, a bit eclectic but still refined. Consider furnishings that are organic with a touch of whimsy, using accessories that are hand-crafted, unique and tell a story. 

Huangdi Bronze Pillar Holders, collection view


Robin Says: “Accessories that add layers of texture and color to a space are the perfect way to add a touch of bohemian spontaneity to any space.”

Refreshing a space is a fabulous Spring ritual, and accessories are one of my favorite ways to enhance your style and freshen up a space. And now you can accessorize and perk up your computer screen with my new line of Robin Baron Design Virtual Backgrounds. Perfect for conference calls and zoom meetings, each package includes 5 unique and dynamic wallpapers, featuring spaces designed by yours truly, which gives you the freedom to feel Mid-Century Modern at your first meeting of the day and Zen by 5pm.

Have some fun...be bold and accessorize...and put some spring in your style!



Apr 07, 2021

It was so interesting to read your take on all of these various style of design, Robin. Thanks for all of the information and examples of each style.

Leslie Carothers
Apr 07, 2021

Fun selection of accessories to channel different styles! And that glam LR in the opening image is stunning!

Janet R Lorusso
Apr 07, 2021

Beautiful selections for each style!

Mary Ann Benoit

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