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Product of The Week: Gunmetal Heath Vase

Hello Fabulistas! I've said it before and I'll say it again: I absolutely love vases. They're the ultimate transitional home decor piece. I love to play musical chairs with the vases in my home when I'm bored--or simply inspired to look at my surroundings in a different way. Speaking of transitions, the seasons are changing and I'm really feeling one of the hot trends on the Fall 2013 runways, gray. We saw a multitude of shades and I'm excited to add a few gray accessories into my wardrobe and home. This vase is on the darker end of the gray spectrum, however, its texture gives off all sorts of shades. Gazing at the mottled surface of the Gunmetal Heath Vase is quite captivating! This vase would be simply divine empty as a centerpiece on a dining room table, or filled with paperwhites as part of a styled coffeetable. And those possibilities are just scratching the fab surface!

How would you place this vase in your home? Let's talk your fab styling ideas in the comments section below!

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