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Perfect Pairings: Patterns and Colors

Hello Lovelies! Many of my clients and friends are scared of too many patterns and colors in one space. Do you feel the same way? Many designers tell us to only use one type of pattern or one color in a room...but I say, take a chance, step outside the box! Today I'm going to show you some fabulous rooms with a wild mix of patterns and colors. There's no need to be scared, if you go with your gut, the room will be gorgeous. Why can't you use multiple types of pattern in a room?! It's your room, it should feel like YOU! If you love pattern, use it! In this room, the wallpaper is one pattern, the carpet is another, and if you notice, even the mirror and lamps have pattern! It works because it's balanced. The rug has a thick neutral border, which allows your eye to rest. Between the floor and the patterned wall, there's a white bookcase, which also allows your eye to rest. The bookcase also has blue solid accessories, which add pops of colors and help the orange and patterns stand out.

Orange patterned room from Interiors by Studio M

If you're still a little unsure but still want color and pattern in your home, this next image may be appealing to you. It's FILLED with color, has a bit of pattern on the walls, and it all works together so well! The blue in the wallpaper is carried through as paint on the walls and in the rug. The red sofa really stands out against the pattern. The white is a great accent here, you hardly notice it with everything going on...but it adds a little something!

Red, white and blue room from Apartments I Like

This room has tons of pattern, but it's so different from the orange patterned room. Why? It's because the wallpaper pattern is completely different from the sofa fabric pattern. In the orange room the patterns were pretty similar and harmonic. Here, because they are less similar, they create a very vibrant look! Even though the majority of the room is black and white, the pops of red are carried through in the chairs and pillows. The red really makes a statement!

Black and white patterned room from Apartment Therapy

This "Satanic Symmetry" room was designed by Jonathan Adler. It's stunning! This is a great perfect pairings example because you notice the green and the pattern equally. The large pattern pops first, and then you notice the green in the walls and floors. You hardly notice the white satanic lamps and console, but they are important in completing this look. If you're really paying attention, you can see the sliver of white patterned screen off to the side. I love this room!

Jonathan Adler's green room from Interiors by Studio M

This room, designed by India Mahdavi, only has one patterned piece, the rug. It's so spacious that you're immediately drawn in by it. The dark colors on the wall help the neutral patterned rug stand out. The dark purple and brown tones in the furniture, also help you focus on the rug. The sketches of man and woman in round frames add a little humor. It's a very sexy room!

India Madhavi room from Apartment Therapy

Are you still a little scared of pattern and color? If you think about your room as a whole, not just a piece or two, you can add tons of pattern AND color and make it look FAB! Your home is a reflection of who you are...and how you see yourself. I believe it also helps you become the person you want to be. So if you love pattern and color, you must show it off at home!

I'm dying to know, what does your home look like? Are you planning on adding some pattern and color splashes? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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