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Party Prep: Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party

Sometimes it’s so easy to get busy being fabulous that you forget to properly prepare for holiday festivities! My holiday season has been one huge FAB whirlwind and now I’m left putting together a New Year’s Eve party at the last minute. I’m always ready to pull some especially sparkly inspiration from Pinterest. It’s All About Metallics I have no shortage of metallic accessories in my home. It’s an easy step to that LUXE look! I’m going to arrange some of my favorite mercury pieces on a mirrored end table to help greet guests. New Year’s is a time for reflection, so why not start with some mirrored furnishings?!

via Project Nursery

Christmas Leftovers If you’re short on metallic accessories, which is something you DEFINITELY should address in 2013, spread out some party favors on a table instead! I love this metallic confetti and it adds a whole lot of glam for so little effort. Leaving some leftover metallic Christmas decorations with the confetti will help your decorations shine ever brighter!

via Sweetest Occasion

Bubbly Fun What good is a New Year’s Eve celebration without a bubbly beverage? New Year’s Eve is primetime for experimenting with a DELISH new drink recipe. When it comes to recipes, Martha Stewart can do no wrong! I think this champagne punch recipe sounds so tasty and simple!

Martha Stewart Champagne Punch via Food Crush

Something Surprising Each new year brings things unexpected, so why not kick off with some FUN surprises at your party? Look around to see what you have as far as decorations go that you can use in a new way. I love this balloon idea. Doesn’t it remind you of champagne? It would be perfect decoration for above your champagne punch serving table.

via Pinterest

Add Some Extra Sparkle You know what I say about jewelry and interior design. I just can’t get enough of either! So a decorating idea that uses both is just plain irresistible! Spice (or should I say sparkle?!) up your regular old curtains with some costume jewelry necklaces as tie backs.

via Dishfunctional Designs

Snacks With Substance It’s essential to serve some snacks that are more than just sweets when you’re serving alcohol to your guests. I love cupcakes, but you need something more to chase down that champagne! The recipe blog Spoon Fork Bacon is FANTASTIC! They put together a primer on how to DIY your own cheese board for an event. How impressive is this?!

Quick and Easy Cheese Board via Spoon Fork Bacon

I hope this guide will help you in your last-minute New Year’s Eve party prep! Did I miss anything that you’re including in your party? Let’s tart the discussion in the comment section and I’ll see you in 2013!

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