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Parisian at Heart

Mark your calendars everyone because....

I am so excited for the launch of my curated collection of home goods at Joss and Main and it is starting tomorrow! I love Paris! I must be Parisian at Heart because I always feel at home when I’m there. This collection is my way of sharing this passion with you. The essence of Parisian at Heart isn’t about one particular style, era or color. It’s about having that je ne sais quoi…that innate sense of chic…and the confidence to go with it!

One of the reasons I love Paris is because I love the hunt…finding just the right thing for my home that makes me happy and inspired. Sometimes the best finds are those you weren’t really looking for. I always say buy it when you see it and don’t second guess yourself. Inspiration comes not from your head, but from your heart. These are all hand selected pieces that I truly believe will bring out the FABULOUS in your life and in your home. So visit my collection at Joss and Main tomorrow and see what inspires you because Confidence Begins at Home!™ Stay tuned for more exciting news about the collection tomorrow!

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