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New Years Resolutions for the Home

Hello 2012! Many people set New Years resolutions, but do you set New Years resolutions for your home? Now is the time to start new and fresh. Your home should be a place that you can relax and recharge before you go out and take on the world. Remember...Confidence Begins at Home! Here are my recommendations for ways to start 2012 off on the right foot!

1. Get organized!

This seems to be on my list every year. Remember, clutter isn’t just unsightly, a cluttered home means a cluttered mind. Get organized and start your year off right.

Simplifying Fabulous

2. Think light, bright and happy

Add a fab new standing lamp or table lamp to an area that needs more light or that just needs a new spark. It doesn’t just give off light, it adds visual interest and fresh energy to a stale area of a house.

New Years Resolutions | Simplifying Fabulous

3. Feng Shui-ify Your Place

Give your home (and life), a holistic boost. Hire a good feng shui consultant and put your new year on the right path!
Feng Shui consultant Alex Stark | Simplifying Fabulous

4. Try Something New!

This is the year to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Paint the wall behind your sofa or bed a bright new color. Who knows, you may start to see things in a whole new fashion. It may push you to see things differently in the new year.

Simplifying Fabulous

5. Rotate Your Wall Art

Shape things up in the new year. Change the look and feel of room by framing aspirational photographs or art of places you want to go, things you want to see, or of abundance to help encourage that in your life. (lush trees, etc.) This can help shift your energy and help you start 2012 off in a positive light!

What are YOUR New Years resolutions for the home?

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