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My 4 Top Table Setting Inspirations

Happy Holidays Fabulistas! Whether you are having 2 or 20 guests over for Christmas dinner, make your table settings extra fabulous with unique place settings! I've rounded up my top inspiration pictures for last minute decorating!
Use a small ornament or greenery piece to add color to a white setting. Keep the theme of rustic chíc with wooden holders and decorative pine cones throughout the table.
A bold plate and silverware make a striking pair! This gold setting is eye-catching and festive with holiday decor added.
I love this simple elegance of a detailed napkin holder and matching cutlery! Create you own unique take by choosing a color of your choice and creating a theme.
This is a vision of a winter wonderland with a white and silver display! A soft, printed table cloth is a perfect backdrop.
I hope your holiday gatherings this weekend are filled with great food and conversation! Happy Holidays!

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