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Mobile Design Assistants: Top Picks for Interior Design Apps

Hello Fabulistas! Keeping up with all the new and exciting apps is impossible. So when one catches my eye, I take note. I can't cover all of the wonderful go-to interior design apps out there, but here's a sampling of ones that I—and my design colleagues—swear by. Houzz Interior Design Ideas The website Houzz is full of elegant interior design photos, idea books, and shoppable products. So it's no surprise that they have an amazing mobile app that provides offline (saved) photos. What a resource! Available on iOS and Android. Free.


Floor plans come in handy when you're imagining how furnishings are all going to fit in a room together. When I want them in a snap, I love to use this app, which lets you create floor plans by tapping walls with your phone. Available on iOS. Free version and $5 Pro version.


Pantone, the world's color authority, created an app that lets you browse more than 13,000 colors. Getting the right color every time is essential in interior design. So this handheld is a fabulous resource! Available on iOS for $9.99 and Android for $7.99.


iHandy Level

I can't always carry a level in my purse so this little app is all I need to hang and straighten wall art. Every detail counts in room design. Lopsided art can throw off a whole room's feel. Available on iOS and Android. Free.



Occasionally, a client will want me to recreate a room design straight from the pages of a magazine. If that's what you're after, this app was designed for you! This iPad app allows you to pull furniture from a magazine page and scale it to your room. It's a fab way to see how a perfectly styled look will realistically look in your own home. Free.

adornablyThis list barely scratches the surface when it comes to fabulous interior design apps. Which apps do you have in your arsenal for projects?

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