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Like Home: How To Design A Luxe Guest Room

Hello Fabulistas! I love staying away from home, especially at hotels. Sleeping in another room is a treat when it's luxe and well-designed. I like to recreate a luxurious hotel stay for my guests. Here are a few ways I design my guest room. Use soothing colors Most luxurious guest rooms are not bright and colorful. They are typically soft tones of whites, grays, blues, and greens. These colors are calming and soothing. Take note and incorporate these colors in your own home for that effect. robin1

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Focus on the bed The one thing I always remember about vacation is sleeping! The mattress is important, as are the sheets and bedding. A comfy bed can make your guests feel fab. Don't skimp on the mattress and pillows, they really makes a difference! robin2

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Find other seating I like to give my guests a place to sit and relax other than the bed. When I'm traveling, there are always moments I need to myself to read, speak on the phone, or check e-mail. Seating is important at these times, so find room for a desk, lounge chair, or sofa. robin3

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Include fresh flowers I adore fresh flowers! They bring life to spaces and can add a bit of color. Flowers can be placed in the bathroom, on the nightstand, or on the desk. They make a nice personalized touch your guests are sure to enjoy. robin4

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Focus on the details It's the little things that can improve a guest's stay. Be sure to find room for a luggage rack, robe, and slippers, and other things your guests might need. I like to keep extras in the closet so my guests feel at home and don't have to ask for every little thing. I fill the closet with extra toiletries, blankets, and pillows. robin5

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Having guests is such a joy! I love having people over and love it even more when they enjoy their stay. Have you been thinking of redesigning your guest room? Share your guest room issues below and maybe I can be of some help!

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