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Lets Talk Color: 5 Things You Need To Know About Color

Hello Fabulistas! Today I want to talk to you about color. You know I love color! It's the first thing you see when you walk into a space. My friends, family members and clients always ask me about color. So I decided to share those answers with you too. So, let's talk color! Color is the most important part of a design. Of course it's important to have fabulous pieces in your home, but if you don't have your favorite pieces, focus on the color! An OK sofa in a great color looks so much better than a gorgeous sofa in the wrong color. I learned that little trick a long time ago! Purple room

Purple room from Flickr

Start designing with a color emotion. What do you want your room to feel like? I know, it's a tough question. Do you want it to be relaxing, passionate, energetic, happy? Every color evokes a feeling, so once you pick your emotion, design around it!

Colorful doors from Houzz

Pick colors that compliment each other. Remember the color wheel we learned about in school? It still applies! Complementary colors are pleasing to the eye, so when looking for accents pick colors that you KNOW will work! If you look at the color wheel, colors next to each other are also attractive.

Color wheel from HGTV

Create a color story. It's great to have different color themes in different rooms but what makes a great design is carrying one color through an entire home. You can do this is SO many ways...through accessories, furniture pieces, and accent walls. Use your imagination!

Colorful accents from House Beautiful

Don't forget about neutrals! When we think of color we often forget about neutrals like white and black. They are SO important in design. Your eyes need a place to rest after looking at lots of colors. Be sure to add a bit of neutral in your designs. You can do this in artwork, pillows, tables, or lamps!

Room with neutrals from Home Edit

Remember, it's your home. You have to create your own fabulousness! You can use color any way you want as long as you make it YOURS! Have color questions? Fire away, I'm ready to answer!

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