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Kickstart Your Creativity with Travel!

Hi Fabulistas!

Every artisitic mind needs a shake-up now and then - a jolt of revelation to change-up your creativity, perspective and kickstart fresh ideas! I always suggest keeping an open eye and an open mind with regard to where and how this divine inspiration will come your way. And then, WOW!! You’re reinvigorated to create and inspire others.

Italian inspiration - Robin Baron

With my recent trip to Italy, I came to realize that traveling, whether it’s across the sea or across town, is a perfect antidote. During this adventure I witnessed one of the most breathtaking places in the world, Venice, the city of profound beauty and bliss. With its magnificent wealth of history and culture, Venice captured my heart.

The canals of Venice - Robin Baron

There I was, riding in a gondola down the Great Canal - the city’s main artery, its life force. As I marveled at the graceful palazzos on each side of the river, I got to thinking about the 18th century opulence harbored within their walls. Many museums and galleries found their home here, if only those walls could talk! My aquatic voyage took me under a multitude of bridges to the Rialto market with its colorful shops.

Palazzo in Venice - Robin Baron

Inspiration in Venice - Robin Baron

Venice is a perfect city to get lost in, only to find yourself walking down a quaint avenue laid out with stone. You’ll come across a street café with welcoming umbrellas and a hidden winery with its doors wide open to lure you in for a taste of luscious Valpolicella. You never where you'll find inspiration, so I say have a sip of wine to celebrate a new chapter in your fabulous new creative endeavors!

Venice street cafe - Robin Baron

Valpolicella in Venice - Robin Baron

I'm refreshed and renewed, filled with new and creative ideas. After all, Venice is the city that cherishes its past and embraces the NEW!

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