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My Fabulous Interview with Lee Robinson of The Lee W. Robinson Company

Today I am thrilled to sit down and chat with Lee Robinson of The Lee W. Robinson Company. With offices in Louisville, Palm Beach and Manhattan, he brings nearly 20 years of experience to the world of interior design and his high-end clients. A man who thinks outside the box by melding traditional design with modern glamour, Lee customizes each and every home on which he works to meet the needs and taste of his clients. All clients have the opportunity to work directly with Lee whether they are designing, building or selecting interior fabrics, colors and accessories.
Working throughout the country, Lee has brought an unprecedented level of design to his projects. He has worked with Tony Manning on the Hamptons’ Show House as well as Iris Danker on the Evelyn Lauder Holiday House in the Woolworth Mansion on Fifth Avenue.
With such a vast experience, Lee has been written about time again in publications such as Garden and Gun, Traditional Home, Town and Country, House Beautiful and Southern Charm Magazine.
Prior to entering the world of interior design, Lee served as a banker. His attention to detail and financial responsibility to his clients makes him a favorite among home owners. Lee serves on multiple boards and committees in his home town of Louisville, Kentucky as well as in New York City.
1. Robin: I'm a born and bred New Yorker... I couldn't imagine living anywhere else (except maybe Paris!)... How did you and your family wind up in Louisville, KY and is there another place you secretly wish you lived? Lee: I do love New York, as you know, because it’s full of inspiration around every corner. We’ve been in Kentucky since the 1700s (both my family and my wife’s family). The good thing about Kentucky is you can really have the best of both worlds. I grew up out in the state, in a very rural area, but Louisville is patterned off most big cities with a cultural community. Kentucky inspiration is everywhere, from reclaimed lumber to horse and equine detail and so much more. 2. Robin: Kentucky... Southern? Or Midwestern? Lee: if you listen to me speak you’ll say Southern because my accent is apparent. I’d say the rest of the state is southern but with so many of our local businesses being acquired by northern companies, there’s a more Northern and Midwestern feel. While there’s less home entertaining than there used to be, we are constantly evolving and appreciate our progressive growth. Louisville has been able to change with the times and adapt well to our new corporate culture. 3. Robin: Kentucky is famous for its bourbon... Do you have a favorite? If not... what is your drink of choice? Lee: I won’t say I have a favorite bourbon (so many to love!) but my favorite drink is something a little lighter these days. I’d have to go with the martini. 4. Robin: Louisville has a rich and interesting history... What's one of your favorite stories? Lee: Quite frankly I love The Great Gatsby story. Being written in the Seelbach Hotel and knowing that the character of Daisy was inspired by a local woman gives me a connection to the past. Fun fact - F. Scott Fitzgerald was a friend of my wife’s grandmother and we know he was in our home at least once. 5. Robin: Kentucky Derby... You invited me to join you two years ago and it was truly a wonderful and unique experience! My favorite part was buying and wearing my fabulous Philip Treacy hat to Churchill Downs. What's your favorite part of the Derby? Lee: I love the Derby Season. My favorite part of it is acting as tour guide. I like to be an ambassador for Louisville. There are so many things to see. I love the look on the face of someone who is seeing it all for the first time. 6. Robin: I started my career as a fashion designer and I always say that interior design is a fashion business. Who do you wear? Lee: I wear a lot of Etro. I find that fashion continually inspires design and trends in design tend to follow fashion. 7. Robin: Where did you go on your last vacation and what inspiration did you bring back with you? Lee: Our family took a summer trip to Italy. As you can imagine, I was greatly in awe of the architectural history. I also found myself completely enamored with the effortless entertaining, the slow the pace of life and the casual feel. Italians have mastered how to enjoy their lifestyle. 8. Robin: I'm a Strabucks girl. Venti Soy Chai... 3 Pumps, No Foam, No Water (just because I can)! What's your Starbucks order? Lee: Venti decaf iced Americano with three Stevias. 9. Robin: Give us your "elevator pitch" about The Lee W. Robinson Company Lee: We are one-stop shopping for interior design, renovation and architectural drawings. We travel all over the United States and also work across the miles with our E-Design clients. 10. Robin: You are having your second annual "Wine and Design" event in Louisville this November 30th through December 1st. I am honored to have been invited as your featured guest! Tell us about this event and what inspired you to create this. Lee: When I decided to close the showroom and focus on my clients and their design needs, I still wanted to bring the best of what is out there in design into Louisville. This is a great way to build interest in one concise weekend. Our vendors are guaranteed sales and our attendees learn about what’s going on in design across the country. It’s really a win-win. It allows a way for me to see so many of my clients and meet new people. It helps the Pendennis Historical Foundation and it helps Commonwealth Bank & Trust to cross-pollinate with my community. We bring in wonderful new things to see that our attendees wouldn’t see on a daily basis To learn more about the Lee W. Robinson Company, visit https://www.leewrobinson.com/

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