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How to Train Your Home for a Healthy Lifestyle!

Wow, 2012 is off to a great start!! Earlier this month, I recommended New Year's Resolutions for the Home with some fabulous tips for how to start the year off fresh for your home. From getting organized to trying something new, now is the best time to make changes happen! Year after year, being healthy and staying fit are always on the top of my resolution’s list. So I couldn't have been more thrilled to see Houzz’s blog on creating a well-trained home sans the workout room! Here are my Top 5 ways to use your home to kick-start a healthy lifestyle: 1. Use the stairs You don't have space for a workout room? No problem! Start using your own stairs more. Walking up and down the stairs more in your home or apartment building is the perfect way to burn more calories throughout your day. 2. Be in the kitchen Utilize your gorgeous kitchen!! Make healthy meals at home, and when it's time to clean up, give the dishwasher a night off and start cleaning. Standing while cooking and doing the dishes will surely get your blood flowing and calories burning. 3. Paint the right color The color blue is known not to increase your body’s appetite. Try using blue paint on your walls throughout your living room, dining room and TV room to curb hunger. How pretty is this color used in this dining room from Benjamin Moore? 4. Create an alternative work space Change up your routine of sitting at a desk at home to do work and take advantage of a high counter space. By standing up and using your computer while working, an online calorie counter shows you can burn up to 400 calories!! 5. Work out in the TV room Leave enough space in front of your TV so you can move around! Whether its squeezing in some crunches during your favorite show, or inviting your friends over for a yoga session, this is a sure way to get off the couch and get moving! (from Crate & Barrel) Tell us how you like these ideas, and comment if you have any ideas of your own!

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