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How Do I Make a Low Ceiling Seem Taller?

How high off of the dining table should a chandelier hang? How large should an area rug be? What is the best way to integrate antiques with modern furniture? Have your design questions answered...Ask Robin! Your question will be answered here on the blog, added to our Ask Robin archive, and posted on Facebook! "My master bedroom is 20x30 with an 8-ft ceiling. It feels so low. What can I do to make the room seem taller? Would wallpaper on one wall help?" - Jenny H.
Robin: Jenny, ceilings are an oft missed opportunity to add drama to a room. When the ceiling is on the lower side, it often helps to make a statement rather than trying to make it what it's not. I liken this to someone wearing clothes that are too big so that they hide the extra weight...larger clothes just make you look heavier! So use what you have, create an impact and emphasize your good features! To this end, I recommend painting the ceiling a color, like an apple green, a shade of taupe or gray. If you're up to being a bit more daring, try a metallic paint color! Don't worry about the ceiling looking lower if you paint it a color. Think about the drama you are creating! Your eye will perceive the interest you've created, rather than the height of the ceiling. If you find a wallpaper you love (one with a vertical pattern would be best), paper a highlight wall and then paint the ceiling a color that is coordinated with, or influenced by, the paper. Have fun and be daring! Instead of thinking "in-the-box," create a new box!

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