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Homemade Hosting: DIY Place Cards

Hello lovelies! I love hosting parties and events for my friends. When I'm short on time, I make a few quick appetizers, a batch of cocktails, and let my friends mingle. (See my easy appetizer ideas I talked about in January!) When I have a little more time to plan, I like to take care of every little detail, including where my guests sit. It's tough to get people out of their seats once they've already settled, so I like to make place cards. Of course, my place cards must be FABULOUS! I've picked out some easy place card ideas that won't cause you any stress. Calligraphy Rock Place Cards This is a stunning idea that LOOKS difficult, but is actually very easy. Your guests will be impressed as soon as they arrive, and you know, first impressions are everything! You can pick up a few smooth rocks at your local flower market, and a calligraphy pen or ink gel pen from almost anywhere. These just take a few minutes! Calligraphy Rock Place Holders

Calligraphy rock place cards from Once Wed

A Simple Note If you're looking for something easier, pop a simple note into your napkin. You can use the same type of calligraphy pen or ink gel pen, and pick up a pretty pack of note cards. Tie a little string or ribbon, and you're all set. (Hint: Try to color coordinate the ink and ribbon with your table setting colors.) Note place card holders

A simple note from Style Me Pretty

Cocoa Pear Crisps Give your guests something to munch on as soon as they get seated. With just a few ingredients your guests will have an instant amuse bouche waiting at their seats when they arrive. Just something sweet to start off the meal. Pop over to Food52 for the complete recipe. Cocoa pear crisp place cards

Cocoa Pear Crisps from Food52

Picture Place Card Holder The picture place card holder can be used for so much more than a picture. If you're hosting many that haven't met before, place somes funny pictures of your guests, just to break the ice when they arrive. If they already know each other, why not put in trivia questions about each person? It's a fun little game to put everyone in a good mood before dinner! Picture place card holder

Picture Place Card holder from Style by Emily Henderson

Mini Plant Place Card Holder Give your guests something to take home at the end of the night! It's so easy to "make", that you're not really making anything at all! Pick up mini plants from your local florist, write your guest's names on popsicle sticks, and stick them in the plants! If you have a little more time you can paint the sticks a metallic color before you write the names. Plant place card

Mini Plant Place Card Holder from Style Me Pretty

These easy DIY ideas will make a bold statement to your guests, and show that you took time to think about them, and your event. Did any of these strike a cord with you? Do you have a place card idea you use at every party? I'd love to hear from you!

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