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HighPoint Market is Here!

IMG_7870 Hi Fabulistas, From Milano to High Point, North Carolina, the Robin Baron Design team is gearing up for another exciting design event: High Point Market! As I announced last month, I'm delighted to share that I've been selected to be a part of the 'High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour 2016'! I'm beyond excited to see the new collections, innovative designs and the way designers are feted and embraced. It opens many doors for us…to do business, have licensed collections and to network to build our connections, relationships,and our community.The innovators who are fueling the unconventional today will reap the greatest rewards tomorrow. Join me on Instagram by following @_RobinBaron and using the hashtags #HPMKT and #DESIGNBLOGGERSTOUR to get front-row seats to this 6-day extravaganza! unnamed-1 Below is a calendar with a list of events....join me as I attend all the beauty of High Point!
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------------------------------------- A special word: As the president of the New York Metro Chapter of ASID I am proud to share that we have taken action against #HB2 in North Carolina and need your help in spreading the word! We stand for all Human Rights! It's critical for the design community to stand together against prejudice and discrimination! We need to unite as one... for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... for ALL!!! Not just for some... we stand together for ALL humanity. #WEARENOTTHIS ASID CARES: JOIN IN ON THE STANCE AGAINST HB2 unnamed-3 1. TEXT TO PLEDGE - There are two ways a person can sign the pledge. First and easiest is to text "No2HB2" to access the link which will take you to where you can sign the pledge. Text “One Voice” to 52886. 2. VOLUNTEERS AT HPMKT TO DISTRIBUTE STICKERS - Tracy will be taking point on our end with regard to the plan and people distributing stickers (that have same logo as the placard for businesses). We will be doing this on Sat, Sun, and Mon in a variety of areas in the High Point area. 5. PETITION FOR REPEAL - on Monday April 18, we will begin a "sign the petition" effort calling for full repeal of HB2 entitled "Repeal the law, before the fall" 6. Online Petition: https://www.change.org/p/north-carolina-state-senate-allow-the-transgender-community-go-utilize-restrooms-that-align-with-their-gender-identity A message from ASID: SID Voices Its Stance on HB 2 Discriminatory legislation unacceptable and counterproductive to the profession at large The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) is dismayed with the North Carolina legislature and governor’s recent actions to enact discriminatory legislation (HB 2) that overturns protections for LGBT people and sanctions discrimination across the state. As an organization that represents more than 26,000 interior design professionals, manufacturers, and industry representatives, ASID believes that laws such as HB 2 are unacceptable and counterproductive for business and the profession at large. A thriving business environment depends on inclusive practices that welcome all who want to participate. In fact, North Carolina prides itself on being one of the top states to establish and conduct business in the nation. Yet HB 2 sends a clear and harmful message to the contrary. As a result, numerous businesses and consumers are calling for boycotts of North Carolina’s economy and more specifically, the upcoming bi-annual High Point Market; one of the largest income producers for the state of North Carolina. Members of the design community have not only joined these calls, but also are forgoing participation at High Point Market—at a cost to their businesses. ASID commends their actions in the name of pressuring the governor and legislature to rescind HB 2. Similarly, ASID supports those individuals attending Market who wish to champion the many manufacturers and businesses speaking out against the new law. Laws such as HB 2, which permit discrimination, are both regressive and place individuals at risk of being denied service, lodging, employment, and business in general. Therefore, ASID encourages anyone attending Market to ask hard questions of the organizations they do business with and to consider carefully, and morally, where they spend their money. ASID rejects discrimination of any kind and, as the voice of the profession, we expect public policies to support and protect—not jeopardize—our members, the profession, and the industry. While ASID will continue with our scheduled programming at Market, which includes a session on The Impact of Government Laws and Regulations on Your Design Business, we will evaluate future interactions and business opportunities in North Carolina as well as other states with similar laws. Our vigilance on this matter will not cease and we strongly urge all elected officials to move without delay to repeal discriminatory laws like HB 2. Join your voice with the thousands of voices of interior designers across the country. Text “One Voice” to 52886.

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