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Halloween DIYs: Top Picks for Ghoulish Last-Minute Décor

Hello Fabulistas! Halloween is a mere day away, but not all of us are ready for the holiday. Fear not, there are lots of fab last-minute DIY decor ideas. I'm going to try a few of these! Boa + striped candles Some of the best last-minute decor ideas include your normal decor with just a twist. I love how this blogger added a fab black feather boa to this normal horse wall piece. You can also transform a pair of plain white pillar calendar with some black craft or electrical tape. Just don't light them. mantel

from Our Fifth House

Mummy door

Did your local store run out of cute Halloween front entry decorations? All you need for this DIY is some white crepe paper and paper. What a spooky treat for trick-or-treaters!


from Pinterest

Glitter spiderweb

Any holiday decoration DIY that includes glitter or metallic is on the top of my to-do list! This one from Redbook is quite fab and you have a full day to let it set to use at a Halloween party tomorrow night.


from Redbook

Spooky embroidery rings

Not everyone likes to go all out with the full-on spook and gloom of Halloween. I totally understand! This chic little DIY takes some embroidery rings and some spooky details to make your normal decor seem a little scary.


from A Fabulous Fete

Climbing skeletons

This DIY might be a little more invovled, however, this is such a scary touch! If you have a few spare skeletons around your home, use some wire to position them in a sscary little setup like this. Talk about a terrifying scene!


from Pinterest

What last-minute touches are you putting on your Halloween decor? Do you prefer the scary or simply chic?

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