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Green Envy: Top Picks for Chic Garden Rooms

Hello Fabulistas! If you can't already tell, I have outdoor rooms and every other way to get some greenery on my mind. It must be because it almost feels like spring in New York! That also has me pining for some extracurricular living spaces outside of the city. My current fixation in that realm is garden rooms. Here are just a few of my favorites and why I adore them.

gardenfrom My Favorite and My Best

Stripped-down potting room

Garden rooms don't have to be full of lush greenery. If you do a lot of gardening and upkeep, an indoor potting room that doubles as a mudroom can do wonders for beauty and convenience! This all-white room with a rustic sink and modern faucet marries utility and quaint elegance.


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Moody greenery

This shady little corner creates a lush, private area for escapes. I could see myself sipping an afternoon cup of tea and poring through a stack of neglected fashion and design magazines.


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(Container) garden room

There's still a chance for a semblance of a garden room in the city. Here, a simple bench filled with full container plants stands in place for vines and overflowing hanging planters. This is a chic, streamlined option for the wall against a back patio or balcony.

ELLE Decoration 0613StylingBilderTrendKråkvikD'Orazio

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Refined greenhouse

Greenhouses make the perfect garden rooms because they're built for plants to thrive! Windowed walls and ceilings also make for stunning views. I love how this one has a chandelier that draws your eye upward to the towering trees.


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Do you have a garden room at home? How is it decorated? If you don't have one, what would your dream one have?

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