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Give Thoughtfully: Top Picks for Unique Holiday Hostess Gifts

Hello Fabulistas! My Decembers are always packed with holiday parties hosted by loved ones. I like to build an arsenal of fabulous hostess gifts so I can bring something unique and personal to every event. When you're short on time it's easy to pick up a bottle of wine on the way to the party, but that's not always the most memorable gift. Here are a few things I like to pick up while shopping and hunting. Fragrant room diffusers I love scents for my spaces at home. They help me build a mood. Room diffusers and scents are a fab hostess gift for everyone. If you know your host well, you can pick out the perfect scent for him or her. If you're less familiar with your host, this can also be a great gift, and help you grow closer. scent

from French Bedroom Company

Unique cake stands Cake stands will always be a welcomed gift for a host or hostess. No party is complete without dessert, and a beautiful cake stand can make a dessert really shine. I love to find either vintage or interesting new cake stands. They make dessert even more fun! cake

from Anthropologie

Chic stationery

I love e-cards and e-invites, but I'm also a huge fan of snail mail. Unique stationery pieces like interesting paper and envelopes alway catch my eye. I love giving my host or hostess stationery pieces I know they'll treasure!


from Pinterest

Interesting tabletop pieces When I go antiquing, and visit vintage shops, I love to pick up one-of-a-kind tabletop pieces to add to my arsenal. My friends and family love when I gift interesting salt and pepper shakers, and antique silverware. They make such thoughtful hostess gifts! robin3

from Pinterest

Luxe kitchen supplies Many of my friends love to create delicacies in the kitchen. For those ladies and gents, I find something to feed their habits. I'll pick up unique spices on my travels, or utensils made for certain types of food. My hosts seem to love them! Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 8.22.26 PM

from Flickr

When my friends take the time to cook a special meal for me, I love bringing something special for them. Giving unique and interesting gifts is always a pleasure, especially when you've had time to plan ahead! Stay tuned for more on my upcoming HGTV holiday special on Dec. 13!

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