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Geometry 101

A new trend that is seemingly taking shape is geometric patterns. A far cry from your high school geometry class (thank goodness!), bold chevrons, Moorish circles and decorative diamonds are receiving top grades from designers.
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In fact, we saw a ton of symmetrical styles at the New York International Gift Fair.
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However, decorating with such a bold design can be a disaster if not done properly, so here are 10 rules for decorating with geometric prints:
  1. Opt for larger scale patterns for larger spaces and vice-versa.
  2. Color is critical when playing with shapes. Choose a color family that is incorporated in all of the patterns to create a unified feel.
  3. A little goes a long way! Use bold prints in small doses, such as a single throw pillow or small rug, to make a big statement.
  4. Tone down the contrast in colors as the space gets larger.
  5. A common trick of the trade is to juxtapose modern shapes with more classic ones.
  6. To prevent any epileptics from having a seizure when they step into your home, break up patterns with other textures and colors – a mirror between two geometric art displays, a solid-colored couch for the bold throw pillows. The stability will help ground the geometrics.
  7. Keep structured patterns, such as diamonds and chevrons, from looking too rigid by pairing them with curves, such as a circular rug or round frame. The contrast will also add to the visual interest.
  8. If you go for the gusto with geometric patterns, keep the rest of the room neutral to prevent it from looking overly busy.
  9. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Patterns give a room character – some of the most fabulous interiors feature 5-7 different patterns.
  10. Using multiple patterns of the same scale is a one-way ticket to Cluttersville. Be sure to vary your patterns between small, medium and large.
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