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February: What’s Hot This Month

Hello lovelies! I can’t believe that we’re already in February! January went by so fast! I’m looking forward to all the FAB things coming up this month. Are you?! All About The Stairs So many of my clients and readers overlook their stairways as a place to really express their style. I’ve seen so many GORGEOUS style images of people doing amazing things with their stair treads. Whether it’s painting them with a rainbow range of colors or gluing mini mirrors along them, take a chance. There are lots of stunning ways to make a huge impact with that little space. I challenge you to take that leap!

via Pinterest

Beyonce and Destiny’s Child In case you haven’t heard, Beyonce performed at a little thing called The Super Bowl last night. She’s a great example of living fabulously! I’m also so excited about the upcoming HBO documentary “Life is But a Dream”. HBO does some amazing documentaries and I’m sure that this one won’t disappoint! Plus, we have a new Destiny’s Child CD to look forward to. You know it’s going to be AMAZING!

via Rolling Stone

Compact Terrariums We’re already feeling the itch for spring! I can’t help but think of all these great things that I can only do in warm weather. I love bright and blooming flowers. Fresh flowers are everything! Greenery also does a lot to make a warm statement. I love how terrariums make a clean and compact statement. Even if you don’t have a green thumb!

via Etsy

Not-Your-Average Bookshelves By now it seems like we’ve seen EVERY kind of bookshelf and bookcase possible. But have we? I don’t think so! I came across this fab bookcase a few days ago. Why don’t we try and rethink the average bookshelf? It’s such an easy place to reinvent the wheel (or shelf)! Think about how a few simple changes can really shake up the bookshelves you already have!

via The Glitter Guide

That's what has me excited this month! What are you loving right now? Let's start the conversation in the comments below!

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