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Fall Decor Trends: Part 1

I love fall! It’s my favorite season of the year…when notions of cookouts at Central Park and trips to Coney Island give way to thoughts of cooler weather and enjoying dinner parties inside. Best of all, new seasons mean new trends, new color palettes, new collections, and new styles to try out! I’ve seen so many fall decor trends that I couldn’t share them all in one post, so look for part two next week! For now, let’s get trending… Trend #1: High Contrast How to do it: Make an even bolder statement with lightly or brightly colored furniture by choosing a deep, rich color like this indigo paper, or creating contrast with a black and white backdrop!
Credit: iDesignArch
Credit: The Mustard Ceiling
Trend #2: Golden Hues How to do it: Let the color gold tie the room together, and then you can go wild with fun prints, varying shades, metallic pieces and animal accents!
Credit: The Hip Report
Designed by Robin Baron
Trend #3: Metallic + Leather How to do it: Metallic and leather have been friends for quite a while now, and adding studs to a leather chair is still a fun way to give an edge to a room without overwhelming it with that rock and roll look. This season, I’m seeing even bolder metallic and leather pieces, like these cool, flashy pillows! What a way to glam up your couch, right?
Credit: Mid 2 Mod
Credit: Lance Wovens
Trend #4: Bright on Black: How to do it: This daring trend is popping up all over the place this season, and I think it’s so fabulous! It’s definitely not for every home, but for those who are looking to make a statement, I can’t think of a better way! I’m obsessed with the way bright colors pop against a stark black wall.
Credit: Mix and Chic
Country Living Magazine
Trend #5: Chunky Knits How to do it: One of my FAVE parts about fall is that I can pull out all of my chunky knit sweaters and warm, knit blankets. This trend is perfect for that cozy-chic look, the kind that invites guests to snuggle up on the couch and relax. All it takes is a chunky knit pillow or blanket…which by the way, add some much-needed texture to your decor!
Credit: House to Home
Credit: Lisa Dressing
I’m just getting started! There’s so much on the fall décor scene right now, and I’ll share my next five trends to watch out for in part two. Tune in next Monday!

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