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Fab Fridays: Hannah Coleman of Dreamwall

Each Friday Simplifying Fabulous! presents Fab Fridays, an up-close-and-personal look at how one of our community members simplifies fabulous in their own life. Is there someone you'd like to see featured? Email your submission to info@simplifyingfabulous.com.

Simplifying Fabulous! with Hannah Coleman of Dreamwall

ABOUT I met the one and only Hannah Coleman in London during Blogtour 2011. She instantly had me asking...How does she do it? A mom, blogger, collector, avid runner and entrepreneur, Hannah is inspiring, to say the least! She has proven that no dream is too big--she had the idea for her imitation stone and brick wallcoverings company Dreamwall, and made it happen! We asked her how she simplifies her life and finds her own fabulous!
Fab photo of Hannah taken during Blogtour 2011 in London
Robin Baron: How did you develop the idea for Dreamwall? What was your motivation to start the company? Hannah Coleman: Ironically, I never set out to start a business. At the time I was pregnant with my daughter and lived in a new build townhouse in South Wales UK. It was completely featureless and I dreamed of creating my then home into a New York style loft apartment with an old exposed brick walls. The property was a three-story town house that couldn't allow the extra weight of a rustic brick wall built. I searched the internet for an imitation brick wall cladding system, but nothing seemed suitable. So I set about and created one myself with my daughter's father in our home garage. It was only when the hand-cast prototype was finally installed and decorated did it click. That is when Dreamwall was born. I officially began trading Dreamwall as a new stay at home mum with baby daughter in March 2003 as a UK-based mail order company.
Hannah with her Dreamwalls business partner, Alex Lovera
RB: Design is clearly a source of inspiration for you. Where else do you draw inspiration for your daily life? HC: Every waking moment I'm surrounded by daily inspiration, whether it be my daughters beautiful smile lifting my creative spirits, to my talented family who are all creative. I'm also an avid runner and take inspiration from my runs as this is a perfect opportunity to absorb in all the beautiful surroundings of my hometown Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire, UK where we have a beach and abundance of countryside.
Dreamwalls | Simplifyingfabulous.com Hannah with daughter, Olivia
The beach scene in North East Lincolnshire, England
RB: What is your own personal mantra? HC: I use 'Never Give Up' a lot when running long distances. I've trained myself like a machine to 'Never Give Up.' Another is 'No Regrets.'' I've made many mistakes along my journey but 'What is Done is Done' and you can never keep living in the past! I try to keep focused and positive as much as I can, and I hope that rubs off onto others.
Half Marathon...check!
RB: Let’s talk about YOUR own home! What design elements in your home have you personalized? HC: Just about everything! My home is JUST ME in every way. I'm a collector and have everything from quirky knick knacks to antiques. There are tons of vintage, florals, bird themes and paintings, mixed with lots of beautiful colours and decor. I love my home because its a real home; Everything tells a story. I'm surrounded by things I love. At night I sit down and just love to stare at all my beautiful pieces or 'products' as I jokingly call them. RB: What is your most prized possession? HC: It probably will have to be the 200-year-old Victorian spoon back chair with original ceramic castors that my parents gave to me. It was given to my mum in the 1970's from a family member, so I believe its been in the family a few generations. A few antique dealers have literally begged me to sell it to them, but in my eyes, its worth more than money. Its sentimental and I love it.

RB: Do you have any decorating advice for others? HC: Decorate to what you like and love. What's in vogue this week could be out the next, so always decorate by putting your stamp on it, as remember, you have to live with it!

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