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Fab Friday with Sustainability Queen, Susan Inglis

Simplifying Fabulous! with Susan Inglis

ABOUT Susan Inglis is currently the Executive Director of Sustainable Furnishings Council and was the founder of From the Mountain. She has over twenty years experience as a producer, importer, sourcing agent and broker of handmade product in home furnishings, fashion, and gifts. She has worked in twenty-six countries on five continents to identify procedures for insuring the sustainability of natural resources. The Sustainable Furnishings Council has taken off under Susan’s direction and she speaks on behalf of SFC throughout the U.S. and abroad, inspiring many companies to adopt a sustainable platform for the future. But this fabulous lady didn’t stop at that! In 2009, she also won the WithIt WOW Award for Education for helping others learn how to go green! Robin Baron: Tell us a bit about what you do? Susan Inglis: I serve as Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council - that is, I work to keep the ship afloat as we raise awareness & promote best practices for sustainability throughout the home furnishings industry.

RB: What do you love most about what you do? SI: The people we work with and that I have the great privilege of interacting with, plus the sense that I may be making a difference - Though the home furnishings industry is a small one, it is impactful. I love having the sense that we are, in fact, having an ompact in the industry, and so on effectively addressing a few of the major problems. RB: What in your work are you most proud of? SI: Growing the organization to over 400 member companies within five years AND developing and offering GREENleaders the industry's first certified sustainability course, with over 600 graduated within three years. RB: In what direction are you seeing green design move now? SI: In a very practical direction - consumers are concerned and choose the "green" option when they can, but they are shopping for style and price, so savvy business folk are incorporating those money-saving best practices for sustainability, like energy use reduction and efficient use of non-toxic materials, into their operations, increasing appeal while also increasing efficiency. RB: How would you describe your own home décor? SI: I would call my home décor eclectic!

RB: What design elements in your home have you personalized? SI: Practically everything in my house is personalized! RB: What do you love most about your home and why? SI: Sunshine pouring in, because tehre is nothing more healing that sitting in the winter sun. And in summer (which is longer here in NC) the deck on the north side of the house is perfectly shaded.

RB: What is the one thing in your home that everyone always comments on? SI: People always say, "What a lot of interesting stuff!" because all of it old and collected from far-flung places!

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