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Fab Friday with Robin Baron

Happy Fab Friday! My Social Media Manager, Fara interviewed ME (for a change!) to get the scoop on everything I loved about the Architectural Digest Home Design Show. Let's get started! Fara Jellson: Hi Robin! Tell us, what were some of the highlights for you from the AD Home Design Show? Robin Baron: This year's AD Home Design show was the largest and best show yet! There was a lot to see…great vendors, interesting merchandise and fabulous design. It was exciting to see so many familiar faces while also discovering new brands and innovative companies. FJ: What did you think of DIFFA’s Dining By Design installation? RB: This is always an incredible event and this year was no exception! I love entertaining so I’m always intrigued to see the creativity of all the tables. FJ: Did you have a favorite table? RB: I actually had two! My favorite fashion forward table was DESIGNLUSH’s entry. It was cool, hip, chic… and oh-so-fab! I couldn’t take my eyes off the two-tiered gold paillette chandelier designed by founder Stephen Mitchell. Innovator that he is, he somehow found Paco Rabanne’s original fabricator to make these gold paillettes! And because I just love great design...on the other end of the spectrum, my other favorite was Ralph Lauren’s luxe country-inspired table. I often mix things together using found objects and incongruous looks to create interest on my tables and the RL team does exactly that with their entry!

FJ: Did you stop by Modenus's #MarysandMimosas Tweetup? RB: Absolutely! I wouldn’t miss anything that was organized by Veronika Miller from Modenus. She is the consummate networker and puts together amazing events! And besides…any chance to be involved in one of her BlogTours and meet bloggers from around the world…I'M IN!
Susan Serra, Marilyn Russell, and me at the Tweetup
FJ: Did you participate in the Modenus photo contest? RB: Are you kidding? Put me in front of a camera baby! I made sure we took my picture, and well as my staff's at every single participating booth in the contest. I’m determined to win that trip to London and stay in one of those fabulous onefinestay’s flats! FJ: What was your favorite shot? RB: Since I had my own personal paparazzi following me, we took a lot of pictures and this is one of my favorites! Since I can’t take my much needed vacation, at least I can make-believe! Check here to see all the photos for the contest. Hopefully I'm picked and when voting begins on April 8th, please vote for mine! I really do want that trip to London!!!

FJ: Are you planning on incorporating anything you saw into any of your client’s home or your own? RB: Yes, as many things as possible! One of my new finds at the show is a company called Artsaics. They do beautiful waterjet cut stone , and intricate mosaic patterns. I can’t wait to incorporate them into in one of my current clients homes!

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