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Fab Friday: Vicente Wolf Revisited

Have you seen the January cover of Architectural Digest? It is an art-filled New York living room decorated by the fabulous Vicente Wolf. To celebrate this, I decided to re-share my interview with this creative mastermind! So read on for a recap of what the designer and I chatted about just a few weeks ago: I’m here with Vicente Wolf, design maven, eclectic collector, and world traveler. This man has tackled everything, from multinational conglomerates to private homes, hotels, and restaurants, and he approaches every project he takes on with a unique global perspective. Having recently visited the VW Showhouse, I can tell you that Vicente knows how to create intrigue not only with his designs, but with his collections, which include rare antiques and hand-picked artifacts. Vicente truly defines fabulous! Robin Baron: You’re a well-known interior designer, and we know you do fab homes. Tell us what you love most about what you do. Vicente Wolf: I love being able to create beautiful spaces that people will enjoy for a lifetime.
A kitchen from a recent VW project
A family room from a recent VW project
A great room from a recent VW project
RB: What has been the key to your success? VW: Hard work, luck and more luck RB: How have you expanded your business? VW: There’s VW Home Collection and various product collaborations with companies such as Baccarat, Restoration Hardware and many more to come! RB: You have a reputation for being inspired by your travels. What is the most amazing place you’ve visited? VW: I would have to say Paris for the architecture, Thailand for spices and culture, and China for its timeless quality.
Vicente's collection includes pieces from across the globe
RB: In what ways have your travels inspired your work? VW: Travel has inspired me in everything I design. RB: You are all about simplicity. Why do you think it’s so important? VW: It’s a way of living. RB: How would you describe your own décor? VW: My décor has evolved through found objects and travel.
A bedroom from Vicente's home
RB: What’s a piece in your home that everyone comments on? VW: My art collection!
A sample of Vicente's art collection
RB: Any exciting projects coming up? VW: A really fun Florida home which involves great colors, a movie star home, a hotel in NYC and my own home in Montauk. I am adding a 2nd floor. RB: What does “fabulous” mean to you? VW: A sunny day enjoying the cool breeze with wonderful people.

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