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Fab Friday: The Secrets of Flattering Lighting Placement

Hello Fabulistas! I've been spending a lot of time lately looking at lighting. Light fixtures are one of the most important elements of a room! As fabulous as a chandelier may be, that's not the only lighting option in a room. Finding that perfect balance of essential, consistent, flattering lighting can be tricky. Here are my secrets to creating a well-lit area with your best light. Use a mirror Reflective surfaces can magnify any light within your room. This makes your fixtures have even more of an impact. Dark corners are flattering for neither you, nor your decor! candle

from Robin Baron Houzz

Place lighting within reach

A pendant will do no good if it feels like it hangs a mile above a seating area! Like in every other element of design, lighting relies heavily on proportion. Make sure that your fixtures are correctly proportioned and positioned to meet your needs.


Gorski Residence by FJ Interior Design

Double up when in doubt

Sometimes you fall in love with a lamp and just can't get enough! Or, you find the perfect lamp and need more light than it offers. I adore lighting pairs. Placing table lamps on a credenza is a tried-and-true classic. This setup creates a consistent lighting environment and a sense of balance.


from House to Home

Magnify light with reflective fixtures

That crystal chandelier may not be within your budget's reach, but opting for a less expensive version will pay off for years. Lighting fixtures with crystal, glass and other reflective surfaces help the light bounce and magnify within a room. Most importantly, they look chic!


from The TomKat Studio

Mimic candlelight

Candlelight looks fabulous, but it isn't always the convenient option. There are safety issues and the need to replace candles if you use the fixture often. I like to find fixtures in the style of ones that would use candles instead. You get the same feeling with little maintenance.


Hartford Chandelier from Pottery Barn

Place sconces for task lighting

Choosing a sconce over a table lamp is ideal in many design situations. A powder room like this one can't spare the surface area for a lamp and the vanity guarantees there will be a constant need for light in that spot. Sconces are also fabulous along stairways and tucked in reading nooks.


from Better Homes and Garden

Do you use any other lighting tricks to create a consistently lit area? What are some of your lighting problems? I'd love to help you with them!

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