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Fab Friday: The Kissters

Happy Friday, Fabulistas! This week I chatted with a pair of lifestyle bloggers, The Kissters, who are making a mark in all corners of the Internet! You know that I'm all about simplifying your life and these ladies are all about lessening the impact on your wallet. Who doesn't love that? Read on for to learn all about Claudia and Adriane, and get some fab advice: Robin Baron: Welcome, Claudia and Adriane. Tell us a bit about what you do. Claudia and Adriane: We are lifestyle bloggers at TheKissters.com and we contribute to several websites and magazines. Our motto is “living large on small change” so we write about ways to make your life more fun and fabulous—on a budget! RB: How did you get started with the blog, and then contributing to places like SELF magazine and iVillage? C&A: We started the blog about 4 years ago. We knew we wanted to work on something together but we weren’t sure of exactly what. We’ve always loved entertaining, gifting, and bargain shopping so we created our blog, The Kissters, which encompasses everything lifestyle while still on a budget! RB: What impact has contributing your fun expertise to so many outlets made on you both? C&A: We both love meeting new people and taking on new projects. It’s exciting to get feedback from family and friends and other women who appreciate our message. RB: What are your top three people/things that inspire creativity? C&A: We love Rachel Ray, Real Simple magazine, and giving homemade gifts from the heart! RB: What are your essentials for summer entertaining? C&A: Signature cocktails! We love experimenting with making cocktails and altering some of our favorite classic recipes! We love adding a lil something extra to make it special. Whether you rim the glass in sugar, or drop in some frozen mixed berries instead of ice to keep your drink cold; there are so many fun things you can do to make a cocktail your own! RB: Do you have any quick tips for setting up a table for an event? C&A: Pick a theme! Whether it is a full blown beach theme or just a color concept, we think sticking to a theme always makes your table (and your party!) look extremely put-together. We love this Boho party table from Celebrations.com. RB: You do a lot of DIY projects. Do you have a favorite DIY trend right now? C&A: Claudia has a new thing right now for making pillows out of rice bags and other vintage bags. We love crafting DIY projects and giving them as gifts. A handmade gift really shows how much you care - and often costs less than just running to the store at the last minute! RB: Do you have any exciting new projects in the works you can talk about? C&A: We are so excited to be working in the lifestyle industry in so many exciting facets. Check back with us early this fall—many exciting things happening for the Kissters regarding upcoming projects soon! RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? C&A: Fabulous means feeling great and living the best life that you can! We think being ‘fabulous’ comes from within, so don’t be concerned if you’re living on a budget... ‘Fabulousness’ starts with YOU! Be sure to keep up with The Kissters on Facebook and Twitter!

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