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Fab Friday: Mike Strohl of Strohl&Co Public Relations

Happy Friday, fabulistas! This week I got a chance to chat with the man behind the renowned PR firm, Strohl & Co. For us interior designers, the work of the people behind the scenes - the editors, event planners and PR pros (like Mike) - is SUCH an important aspect of the business. Without them, we wouldn't be able to share the amazing projects we're working on, or showcase the designs we're so passionate about. So this week, you get an inside look into the life of one of the masterminds in the industry. Let's introduce Mike Strohl, shall we? Robin Baron: Welcome, Mike. Tell us a bit about what you do? Mike Strohl: Professionally, I have a small boutique PR agency that handles publicity and promotion for clients in the design field – interior designers, architects, showrooms, product designers, manufacturers and the like. RB: What have you learned during your years as a publicist? Do you have any pearls of wisdom to share? MS: Be nice to everybody, give clients excellent service and value, hire wisely and be sure to get paid! RB: What impact has working in the interior design industry made on you? MS: My appreciation for good design has soared….as well as opportunity with such a huge range of gloriously talented clients. RB: What’s your recipe for success when it comes to building relationships with editors of major U.S. and international magazines? MS: Be honest in matters of prior publication or exclusivity, be informative but brief and succinct, and send for consideration only what is appropriate for each editor’s publication. Another important aspect is to say thank you even when something is rejected, and, most importantly, send a thank you note when something on one of your clients is published and urge your clients to do the same! A small tip on the side: never criticize a story or issue that you don’t particularly like! RB: Tell us about your workspace. What inspires you at the office? MS: The input of those I work with--especially my associate Dustin O’Neal. The art collection that surrounds us, and lots of books. And the work of our clients that we see anew every day. RB: If you weren’t running a successful PR firm right now, what would you be doing? MS: I would love be a fiction/screen writer and director. RB: Any exciting projects coming up? MS: Almost too many to count. May’s honorary doctorate presentation at Academy of Art University for Clodagh is a standout. RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? MS: Being fabulous is being fully engaged, living a healthy and loving life, retaining a sense of perpetual wonder and delight at the world around me, doing work that is fulfilling and inspiring, being informed and conversant on many subjects from politics, to art, literature, design, travel, having multiple/diverse interests apart from my career.

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