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Fab Friday: Martini Maven, Lolita Healy

Simplifying Fabulous! with Lolita Healy

ABOUT A designer, artist and entrepreneur, Lolita Healy sees something quite extraordinary in the everyday and ordinary of life. She translates her vision into her Lolita collection of glassware (LOVE her martini glasses!), ceramics and many other accessories for the home. Her look is fun, entertaining and is all about celebrating moments with the special people in our lives. We thought what better way to kick off the holiday season with a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a woman who has made celebrating so much fun!

Robin Baron: Tell us a bit about what you do… Lolita Healy: As a designer I see something quite extraordinary in the everyday and ordinary of life. I bring my vision into my products as a reflection of the Lolita lifestyle. It’s a balance of fun, entertaining and celebrating moments with the special people in our lives. My goal is to inject energy and charm into everything I produce, always pushing my designs in the fashion forward direction. RB: What was your “ah-ha” moment? LH: My first “martini moment” began with a girl’s night out with a group of girlfriends. I was browsing for the first time through a martini menu and was inspired by the recipes. After being served a Cosmopolitan, I saw the glass differently; I thought it should be a bit more dressed up with a pattern, with flair and a fabulous recipe on the bottom. After seeing my friends pick a different martini, reflective of their distinctive personality, the foundation for a product line was created. I knew this was something I had to pursue. RB: What is about the martini glass that is so attractive to women? LH: I would have to say the shape, definitely the shape. RB: What are you working on right now? LH: We are about to launch a drink mix line, for entertaining with a fun whimsical feel and great packaging. We are working on a new line of jewelry as well as the beginning stages of a fashion line. With a fashion line on the horizon, I am inspired by what is happening in the fashion industry, I follow the trends, colors and textures of the European runways and would like to incorporate what I am seeing with my own unique ideas.

RB: How would you describe your workspace? Your home décor? LH: The studio is located in a renovated building, exposed brick, large windows, and concrete floors with plenty of light. The decor is very modern and chic with fun and colorful design elements displaying my sense of style as well as many Lolita products.

My house is similarly contemporary. My husband, Michael Healy, designed the house. It is a beautiful home situated on 30 acres of land in rural Massachusetts. We have a very similar style in our tastes, clean lines, no patterns (the people and the art are the color!) and sophisticated looks. Michael even designed some of our furniture. I would say it is chic glamour meets Miami bachelor pad!

RB: What do you love most about your home and why? LH: I love my home because I have lots of privacy and space with very little clutter. My creative brain needs a rest each day after designing with unlimited pattern, shape and color. I am also about to get a new closet, the size of a room, can’t wait for that. RB: What is the one thing in your home that everyone always comments on? LH: Everyone always just loves the entranceway, which has a visual of a very open, airy floor plan into the Swedish-style kitchen and sunken living room. When we deck it out for the holidays, it is unbelievable! RB: What is one piece of wisdom you would share with someone whose dream it is to start their own company? LH: Go after your dream take a passion or idea and research it. There are many business models you can use you don’t have to go into debt. Take a chance and follow you dream.

RB: If you weren’t running your own company right now, what would you be doing? LH: Working in the fashion industry, designing clothing. RB: What do you look forward to as your brand grows? LH: The Lolita brand is fun with an emphasis on absolutely the most original and creative designs to be found anywhere. The brand is constantly evolving and growing, continue to look for what has made the brand what it is today with a focus on functionality in the home with a flair for fashion, high design, humor and all-out good times.

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