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Fab Friday: Jessica Marx

Hello Fabulistas and happy Friday! Today I'm putting the spotlight on a fab interior designer who not only has a thriving career, but also a great blog, Jessica Marx! Robin Baron: Welcome, Jessica. Tell us a bit about what you do.
Jessica Marx: I’m a Los Angeles based interior designer and business owner. I graduated from USC School of Architecture in 2005 however, rather than perusing a career in architecture I decided to follow my passion for interior design. I specialize mostly in commercial and hospitality spaces including offices, restaurants and nightclubs and sometimes dabble in the residential world.
RB: How did you get started with your blog Life's Little Jems, and your design business J. Marx Atelier?
JM: I started Life’s Little Jems in 2010 as a means by which to organize all the amazing things that inspire me from furniture to fashion, food to photography. There are so many beautiful things that influence my designs and ideas. It can be hard to keep track of them all. A little less then six months after starting Life’s Little Jems, the interior design company I was working for at the time decided to close their LA office. Rather than looking for another job it seemed like natural progression to go out on my own, that’s when I started J. Marx Atelier.
RB: What are your top three people/things that inspire creativity?
JM: My top three influences are my family, my travel, and the 70’s. Growing up in a family of fashion designers I was always encouraged to be creative and express myself artistically. My husband is also super artistic and always encourages me to step outside of the box. Travel is another major influence, I love explore other cities and cultures. I’ve been traveling forever and I’m always so grateful to have had such amazing opportunities. Lastly, I love the 70’s from fashion to design it’s always been my favorite decade. There are so many great interior and fashion designers that came out of that disco era and I often find myself drawn to that aesthetic.
RB: What are your essentials for decorating a space?
JM: I think every space should feel warm, inviting, and needs to reflect the personalities of the people living or working there while respecting its architecture and environment. In the end it’s all about balance. Decorating is like a giant life-size Jenga.

Jessie Webster for The Glitter Guide

RB: Do you have any quick tips for curating a treasure trove of vintage goods like on your Etsy shoppe, Life's Little Jems?
JM: I tend to gravitate towards what I love. If it doesn’t move me in some way then it doesn’t belong in the shop. I truly believe that you should buy and collect what you love, you should feel inspired by your vintage treasures… and if it’s shiny and brassy that helps too.
RB: Do you have any exciting new projects in the works you can talk about?
JM: Yes, I’m actually currently working on my dream project! Anyone who knows me knows I have a total sweet tooth… or two, so designing a pastry shop has always been on my design bucket list. I can’t share too much right now because we are still in the early stages, but let’s just say it’s black, white and rose gold all over. RB: Last but not least, what does fabulous mean to you? JM: Fabulous means being true to yourself and sharing everything about you that sparkles with the rest of the world. Share the beauty! Be sure to keep up with Jessica on Houzz!

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